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The Greater Houston Partnership hosted the organization’s 2014 Annual Meeting on Wednesday, February 5. Paul Hobby, 2014 Chairman of the GHP Board of Directors, and Bob Harvey, GHP President and CEO outlined the key priorities for the Partnership in the coming years. In addition, the event included a celebration of the Partnership’s 25th anniversary, recognizing the organization’s accomplishments and the leaders from Houston’s business community who made them happen. Click here to view a special 25th Anniversary video.

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In describing the Partnership’s priorities and work moving forward, Harvey said, "We are committed to an intentional approach, ensuring that all of our activities and all of our member engagement is linked to regional impact."

The Partnership recently completed a study that looked at the organization and assessed how its work aligns with Houston’s economy and the region’s needs. “Houston has the privilege and the challenge of being the most capable city in the world,” said Paul Hobby.

The first three of the Partnership’s priorities relate to economic development and trade and include the need to extend Houston’s leadership as the preeminent global energy hub; diversify into new growth clusters; and expand the region’s position as a global trading and logistics hub.

Four of the priorities are what Bob Harvey called "the building blocks of constructing a great city." These include the need to address critical infrastructure issues; develop, attract, and retain talent; accelerate progress in making Houston an even more attractive place to live; and promote efficient and effective state and local government.

The final two priorities are more intangible and focus on enhancing Houston’s image with key audiences; and ensuring inclusivity and opportunity for all.

"Houston has enjoyed incredible success over the last 25 years” said Harvey. He added “our collective response to these key priorities will define the region for the next 25 years."

Paul W. Hobby, 2014 GHP Chairman, speaks at the Greater Houston Partnership Annual Meeting. Speech

Paul Hobby GHP Annual Meeting 2014

Bob Harvey, GHP President and CEO, speaks at the Greater Houston Partnership Annual Meeting. Speech

Bob Harvey GHP Annual Meeting 2014

Photo Credit: GHP/Richard Carson.

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