Greater Houston Partnership (GHP)

Policy Resolutions


12/05/2012 Resolution in Support of Increasing Funding for Texas Roadways

12/05/2012 Resolution in Support of a multi modal solution to address mobility in Texas

12/05/2012 Support of Capitalizing the Rail Relocation and Improvement Fund

8/22/2012 In Support of Reducing Obesity

8/22/2012 In Support for Interstate 69

8/22/2012 In Support of Greater Public School Flexibility

8/22/2012 In Support of Higher Education Initiatives Emphasizing TIER One Programming

8/22/2012 In Support of Increased Student Career and College Readiness in Texas

8/22/2012 In Support of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project

8/22/2012 In Support of Adequate Levels of Custom and Border Protection (CBP)

8/22/2012 In Support of U.S. Government Opposition to Application of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) to U.S. Airlines and Passengers

8/22/2012 In Support of Free Trade in Energy Products

6/6/2012 In Support for the EPA to Reconsider the Inclusion of Texas in the Cross‐State Air Pollution Rule

6/6/2012 In Support of Increased Domestic Hydrocarbons Production

6/6/2012 In Support of the Promotion and Expansion of Oil and Natural Gas in Texas

6/6/2012 In Support of Activities to Improve Surface Water Quality

6/6/2012 In Support of Gulf Coast Restoration Funding

6/6/2012 In Support of Balanced Energy Policy

6/6/2012 In Opposition to Aviation Taxes Proposed in the American Jobs Act

6/6/2012 In Support of Addressing Critical Procedural Issues in the Appropriation of Funds from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund

6/6/2012 In Support of the Inland Waterways Capital Development Plan

6/6/2012 Support of Joining the Realize America’s Maritime Promise (RAMP) Coalition

6/6/2012 A Proposed Resolution in Support of the Associates Degree Value Initiative

5/18/2012 Resolution of the Board of Directors In Support of Competition in the Houston Airline Market

The Greater Houston Partnership Salutes Our Executive Partners