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A range of local and state incentives are available to qualifying companies in the Houston area to support new, expanding and relocating companies. GHP can help identify potential economic incentives that will match best with your relocation and/or expansion, and facilitate the incentives process with local and State leadership.

State Incentives

The state of Texas invests in its future by offering competitive incentives to companies who are creating jobs and driving innovation in the state. This section summarizes some of the most commonly utilized state offerings administered by the Department of Economic Development Finance. Local incentives and tax abatements are not included here. For local incentives, please contact the local economic development representative.

Local Incentives

A variety of cities and counties in the Houston region offer tax abatement agreements that exempt part of the increased value in real or personal property from taxation for a period not to exceed ten years. The terms of the agreement and the minimum threshold vary among the taxing jurisdiction.

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