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Transportation Committee

The Transportation Advisory Committee is focused on local, state and federal policy issues that affect Houston’s transportation industry, network and infrastructure. Understanding that the region’s mobile vitality is intrinsically tied to its economic development and quality of life, the committee is dedicated to identifying and prioritizing the infrastructure and mobility issues of the region. Committee members focus on port infrastructure development, advancing methods for congestion alleviation and addressing critical funding needs, including for streets and drainage. 

The Partnership's Priorities for the Transportation Committee

  • Developing sustainable solutions for the transportation needs of the region.

  • Maintaining existing local transportation funding options.

  • Advocating for improved freight mobility in Houston.

Actively Involved

The Port of Houston is critical to freight mobility in region. In her final Partnership State of the Port presentation as the leader of Port Houston, Chair Janiece Longoria, discussed the port’s performance, future growth outlook, and capital investment plans.

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