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Annual Update: Population

Greater Houston is the fifth largest metro in the country.
Published on 3/22/18
Annual Update: Population

Metro Houston added 94,417 residents in ’17, a 1.4 percent increase, to reach a total population of 6,892,427 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Houston had the second largest gain of any U.S. metro area. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro led the nation in population growth adding 146,238 residents, a 2.0 percent increase. Atlanta came in third with 89,013, a 1.5 percent increase. Houston maintained its position as the fifth largest U.S. metro area.

The metro area grew from the combined effects of the net natural increase (i.e., more births than deaths) and net migration (i.e., more people moving in than out). Last year, Houston added one new resident every 5.6 minutes as a result of:

  • 61,537 residents from net natural increase (102,941 births and 41,404 deaths)
  • 32,722 residents from net migration (43,094 from around the world and a loss of 10,372 from across the U.S.)
Population Totals by County

Every Houston-area county experienced population growth in ’17. The majority of the growth occurred in Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties, accounting for eight out of every 10 new residents. Harris County ranked fourth in the nation in overall growth adding 35,939 residents to total 4,652,980 or 67.5 percent of the metro population.

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Metro Houston's population in '17


New residents to metro Houston in '17

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