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Utilities: Water & Sewer

Houston has the water and sewer capacity to meet the region’s current and future needs.
Published on 1/23/20
Utilities: Water and Sewer


Source: City of Houston, rates are effective as of April 1, 2019

Note: Industrial rates include a monthly basic charge and volume charges for water and sewer. No consumption is included with the basic charge for water or sewer. Some customers are billed for sewer only, based on readings from non-City of Houston water meters. 


Source: City of Houston, rates are effective as of April 1, 2019

Note: Since 2011, consumption is no longer included with the basic charge. The volume charges are applied to all usage.


  • The City of Houston provides a dependable supply of water to the area, with its service area being the incorporated city limits. In areas that are not yet city-served, state-regulated water districts (Municipal Utility Districts or M.U.D.s) operating on a franchise basis, serve specific areas or developments. The City of Houston’s system is rated as a Superior Water Supply System by the State of Texas.
  • The city operates 39 wastewater treatment plants, three wet weather facilities and 383 lift stations. It maintains 6,100 miles of sanitary sewer lines.
  • Water supply now available or under development will meet Houston’s needs through 2050. The City of Houston owns water rights to more than 1.2 billion gallons per day of reliable surface water and more than 200 million gallons per day of available groundwater supplies. The City of Houston treats an average of 449 million gallons of water per day, most of which is used for industrial and manufacturing purposes.



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The city operates 39 wastewater treatment plants.

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