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Houston Consular Corps

Published May 06, 2020 by A.J. Mistretta

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With 90 different nations represented, Houston is home to the third-largest consular corps in the United States. 

The Honorable Ana Paula de Almeida Sebastiao do Nascimento 
Consul General of Angola

The Honorable Gabriel Volpi
Consul General of Argentina 

The Honorable Peter McGauran
Consul General of Australia 

The Honorable Gerald Seidl
Honorary Consul of Austria 

The Honorable Lynden Rose
Honorary Consul of the Bahamas
No website listed

The Honorable Marty McVey 
Honorary Consul of Bangladesh

The Honorable Louis A. Browne, Ph.D.
Honorary Consul of Barbados
No website listed


No website listed

The Honorable Dennis Johnson
Honorary Consul of Belize 
No website listed

The Honorable Carlos Duran 
Consul General of Bolivia 

The Honorable Donald L. Kramer, M.D.
Honorary Consul of Botswana

His Excellency Jose Borges dos Santos Jr. 
Consul General of Brazil 

Honorary Consul of Cameroon 
No website listed 

The Honorable Delon Chan 
Consul of Canada

The Honorable Jose Luis Briceño
Consul General of Chile , 

The Honorable Lucia Maria Amalia Salgado Romero 
Consul General of Colombia

Costa Rica
The Honorable Herbert Daniel Espinoza Solano
Consul General of Costa Rica, 

Côte d'Ivoire 
The Honorable Marlene McClinton
Honorary Consul of Côte d'Ivoire 

The Honorable Philip Berquist
Honorary Consul of Croatia

The Honorable Christos Angelides 
Honorary Consul of Cyprus

Czech Republic
The Honorable Brian Vanicek
Honorary Consul of Czech Republic
No website listed 

The Honorable Jacob Vind
Consul General of Denmark

The Honorable Ruth Maria Dueñas Montero
Consul General of Ecuador 

The Honorable Kahled Rizk
Consul General of Egypt

El Salvador
The Honorable Nancy Margarita Guevara 
Consul General of El Salvador

Equatorial Guinea 
The Honorable Tomas Dickens 
Consul General of Equatorial Guinea

Honorary Consul of Estonia

The Honorable Gezahgen Kebede
Honorary Consul of Ethiopia

The Honorable Frank Donnelly 
Honorary Consul of Finland

The Honorable Alexis Andres
Consul General of France 

The Honorable Janet Moore
Honorary Consul of Georgia  
No website listed

The Honorable Thomas Hermann Meister
Consul General of Germany

The Honorable Jack Webb
Honorary Consul of Ghana 

The Honorable Ioannis Stamatekos
Consul of Greece 

The Honorable José Barillas Trennert
Consul General of Guatemala 
No website listed

Honorary Consul of Guyana

The Honorable Yolanda Oliva
Consul General of Honduras

The Honorable Gabor Markocsany
Honorary Consul of Hungary

The Honorable Michael Ray Dumas 
Honorary Consul of Iceland 
No website listed 

The Honorable Aseem Mahajan 
Consul General of India 

The Honorable Nana Yuliana 
Consul General of Indonesia

The Honorable John B. Kane
Honorary Consul of Ireland

The Honorable Gilad Katz
Consul General of Israel

The Honorable Federico Ciattaglia
Consul General of Italy 

The Honorable Khalfani Omari Fullerton
Honorary Consul of Jamaica
No website listed 

The Honorable Hideo Fukushima
Consul General of Japan

Honorary Consul of Jordan

John Willis Gibson III
Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan

His Excellency Myung Soo Ahn

The Honorable Peter Ragauss
Honorary Consul of Latvia 

The Honorable Amin Bohsali
Honorary Consul of Lebanon - Go to "Consular Services"

The Honorable Dennis Houston
Honorary Consul of Liechtenstein

The Honorable William C. Altman
Honorary Consul of Lithuania 

The Honorable Jordan Price 
Honorary Consul of Malawi 

Honorary Consul of Malaysia

Honorary Consul of Malta

The Honorable Alicia Guadalupe Kerber Palma 
Consul General of Mexico 

The Honorable Edward Story
Honorary Consul of Mongolia 

The Honorable Giti Zarinkelk
Honorary Consul of Namibia 

The Honorable Jos G. Wellink
Honorary Consul of the Netherlands 

New Zealand 
The Honorable James Daniel Connelly
Honorary Consul of New Zealand

The Honorable Samuel Trejos
Consul General of Nicaragua

The Honorable Hilde Janne Skorpen 
Consul General of Norway

The Honorable Abrar H. Hashmi 
Consul General of Pakistan

The Honorable Jaime Alberto Sosa
Consul General of Panama

Papua New Guinea
Honorary Consul of Papua New Guinea

The Honorable Gustavo E. Ayala
Honorary Consul of Paraguay
No website listed 

The Honorable Rodolfo Enrique Coronado Molina
Consul General of Peru, 

The Honorable Jerril G. Santos
Consul General of the Philippines 

The Honorable Robert Rusiecki
Consul General of Poland

The Honorable José M. Ivo
Honorary Consul of Portugal 

The Honorable Rashid Al Dehaimi 
Consul General of Qatar

The Honorable Nicholas A. Florescu
Honorary Consul of Romania

Consul General of Russia

The Honorable Cynthia Perry
Honorary Consul of Rwanda 

Saudi Arabia
The Honorable Saad Aljebreen
Consul General of Saudi Arabia 

Sierra Leone
Honorary Consul of Sierra Leone

The Honorable Sandra (Sandy) P. Wilkens 
Honorary Consul of Slovenia

Her Excellency Julia Alicia Olmo y Romero 
Consul General of Spain 

The Honorable Astrid Marklund
Honorary Consul of Sweden; 

The Honorable John A. Bernhard
Honorary Consul of Switzerland 

The Honorable Charles C. Foster
Honorary Consul of Thailand 

The Honorable Adel Chaouch
Honorary Consul of Tunisia

The Honorable Akil Oktem
Consul General of Turkey 

The Honorable Gregory Buchai
Honorary Consul of Ukraine; 

United Arab Emirates
The Honorable Saeed Almheiri
Consul General of the UAE 

United Kingdom
The Honorable Richard Hyde 
Consul General of the United Kingdom 

The Honorable Christopher Ashby
Honorary Consul of Uruguay


The Honorable Luong Quoc Huy
Consul General of Vietnam 

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Economic Development

Mayor Turner Addresses COVID Response, Resiliency and More in 2020 State of the City

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner discussed the City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, economic concerns and efforts to grow the next generation of local companies in his 2020 State of the City address.   “As we move forward through these unprecedented times, the City’s foundation is strong; the City itself is resilient; and the City’s future is bright,” Mayor Turner said.  The Mayor delivered his fifth State of the City address, hosted by the Greater Houston Partnership, on October 22. He said while each of those speeches has been special in different ways, “this one, during an unprecedented year, is significant while we are in the midst of a global pandemic, social and civil unrest, economic instability and a highly charged election season.” The city has battled the COVID-19 pandemic on several fronts over the last seven months, from leveraging new public health resources to developing small business assistance programs. Mayor Turner praised the Houston Health Department for leading “one of the most remarkable responses to the pandemic in the country.” The department has established numerous free testing sites and hired more than 300 contact tracers to help stop the virus’ spread.   In April, Mayor Turner tapped former Shell Energy CEO Marvin Odum to lead Houston’s COVID Response and Recovery. That same month he launched the Houston Health Equity Response (H.E.R.) Task Force to provide resources and education to the city’s vulnerable and at-risk populations.  So far, the Mayor said, the task force has:  Distributed 1.3 million masks Made more than 4,000 food and supply deliveries Created the successful Mask Up! Campaign Hosted several virtual town halls to provide support and resources to those facing mental health challenges as a result of the pandemic The City of Houston also created a rental assistance program for residents and established a $20 million fund for grants to small businesses. Addressing the convention and meetings business that contributes considerably to the local hospitality industry and helps fund city promotion, Turner said nearly 200 conferences and conventions have been cancelled or rescheduled since March—a $332 million economic hit. Houston First Corporation, the agency charged with booking conventions and marketing the city as a destination, has managed to rebook 23 out of the 24 citywide conventions that were planned during the period for future dates.  “This was a critical and proactive response that will provide economic resiliency in the years to come, yet the impact for 2020 and into 2021 will be significant for our hospitality community,” the Mayor said.  In February, the City launched Resilient Houston, a framework for how Houston should address future challenges and sudden shocks, from transportation infrastructure to natural disasters. Two months later, the city unveiled its first ever Climate Action Plan with a goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. The Mayor said more than 5,200 individuals participated in the inaugural Climate Action Week to help kick off implementation of that plan. These efforts followed the late-2019 launch of Evolve Houston, a public/private partnership with NRG, Shell, CenterPoint, the University of Houston and Houston Sustainability Office to accelerate electrification of private and commercial fleet vehicles in the city.  Mayor Turner said that this year the City received its latest hazard mitigation grant from Federal Emergency Management Agency to help combat flooding. It’s the fourth and final grant the City sought to complete large scale flood mitigation projects in the most vulnerable areas.  Turning to efforts to grow Houston’s technology and innovation ecosystem, Mayor Turner pointed to several announcements this year that have positioned the City to increase entrepreneurship and digital skills.  In September, the Rice Alliance announced the creation of a new clean energy accelerator to help create a new generation of young entrepreneurs focused on our energy future.  In June, Greentown Labs, the nation’s largest climatech incubator out of the Boston area, announced plans to open a Houston incubator next year in the 16-acre Midtown Innovation District. The 40,000-square-foot Greentown Houston will have space for up to 50 emerging companies. They announced Greentown Houston's inaugural members in October.  The City has also expanded its digital alliance with Microsoft through the tech company’s Accelerate program. The program is designed to address economic recovery through skilling both underserved communities and re-skilling the many Americans impacted by COVID-19. “Houston is a City that continues to transform, to innovate and to be an example for the rest of the country on how to be diverse, welcoming and inclusive,” Mayor Turner said. “As we gradually take steps to reopen, we recognize that the full recovery will take several years, but when we work together, we put ourselves in the best position to manage the virus and rebound from it.” In opening the event, Partnership President and CEO Bob Harvey said 2020 has proven to be among the most difficult years in Houston’s history. "The COVID-19 pandemic, the fall of the oil markets, renewed alarm over racial injustice—these issues and others have presented considerable challenges for our city and others around the country,” Harvey said. “But time and again, I’m amazed by the resiliency and perseverance of Houstonians to rise to the challenge.  Throughout these last seven months, Houston has shown the world what it’s made of—working to fix broken systems, growing new industry sectors, and creating a better quality of life for all who call this place home.”  The Mayor addressed other issues including racial justice, homelessness, mental health and street infrastructure in his speech. Watch the full presentation on this page when it's posted later this week. 
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Port Houston Chairman Optimistic for the Essential Economic Driver

Houston’s position as an epicenter of international business and global trade is strengthened by our robust regional port system. Port Houston, the largest port by foreign tonnage in the nation, continues to show strong performance and contributions to the local and national economy. In recent months, however, shipping logistics and traffic have had to deal with their share of challenges brought on by the economic downturn. Ric Campo, chairman of Port Houston, spoke about how the port has had to adapt at the Partnership’s State of the Port event on October 13. Impacts Brought on by Pandemic, Energy Downturn  Port Houston continues to see solid traffic, but Campo said the port is not immune to COVID-19 and its economic impacts and has seen declines in volume in 2020. The chairman reported that as of the end of September, Port Houston is down 3% year-to-date in container traffic, adding that total tonnage along the Houston Ship Channel is down 5.5% year-to-date through July. Houston is familiar to the cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry. Though that is now coupled with a pandemic, Campo said Houston is sure to rebound, returning liquid bulk facilities and crude oil exports to pre-COVID volumes. “Port of Houston international tonnage is still 70% ahead of the next closest U.S. port," he said. “Even with a weak year in 2020, the greater Port of Houston will remain the number on U.S. port for international trade.”  An Emphasis on Community, Environmental Stewardship  “One thing we cannot ignore in 2020 is the topic of racial equity, diversity and inclusion. This is also part of Port Houston’s strategic plan and we believe strongly that we need to be part of the solution,” said Campo.  He pointed to one example of how Port Houston is addressing this through a recently commissioned study on the port’s small businesses and accessibility for minority-owned businesses. The report will help guide the system on how it can ensure suppliers and partners doing business at the port reflect the diversity of the region it serves.  Campo said Port Houston became the first port authority in the world to make the switch to 100% renewable electricity this year. The move is estimated to eliminate 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the system’s footprint each year, equating to $250,000 savings annually. Campo noted that this switch is truly a win-win for Port Houston and serves as a model for how other major port authorities can maintain operations while lessening impacts on the environment.  The chairman also discussed the port's efforts to engage in communities surrounding the ship channel through two-way communication opportunities, which open a dialogue to foster strong relationships with stakeholders and neighbors. Campo cited a partnership with Buffalo Bayou Partnership where the port has been working with the non-profit for decades to help keep the bayous clean and are embarking on the development of new green space on port property.   Work on Port Expansion Continues  Campo concluded by providing an update on perhaps the biggest initiatives in the systems recent history – the Houston Ship Channel Expansion known as Project 11, which is vital to maintaining the Houston Ship Channel as the economic powerhouse that it is today. “We know the urgency of this expansion. It’s crucial and the time to act is now,” Campo said. Port Houston is leading efforts to get the necessary federal appropriations to start the construction project sooner and to begin work in 2021. During the 116th Congress in 2019, both the House and Senate authorized Project 11 in their respective versions of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) legislation. While congressional approval is pending, Port Houston continues to lead discussions with industry to find ways for industry to participate in half the cost of the channel expansion.  Campo ended his address on an optimistic note. “We are ready now and we will be ready then. Port Houston, and the Houston Ship Channel, have always been something you can count on during times of prosperity, times of recession, and now, times of pandemic. It will continue to bring economic value and jobs to our region today, tomorrow, and in the future.”   Click here for more information on Houston’s transportation and logistics industry. For more on Houston’s international business landscape, click here. 
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