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Health Care

Small Biz Insider: Health Tech Startup Strives to Ease Access to Some of the Hardest Conversations

Conversations and decisions regarding advance care, especially end-of-life care, can be challenging. A Houston health technology firm wants to make that a little easier. Koda Health's advanced care-…

Small Biz Insider: Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator Reflects on Inaugural Cohort

Rice Alliance's Clean Energy Accelerator is a 12-week program supporting early-stage energy startups from around the world. The program's inaugural cohort of a dozen startups recently wrapped with a…

Small Biz Insider: Navigating Texas’ Competitive Electricity Market

Shopping for electricity in Texas can be a little overwhelming - even confusing. Well, there's a small business right here in Houston that aims to make it just a little bit easier. Energy Ogre is an…
Digital Technology

Small Biz Insider: How This Startup is Removing an “Undue Burden” From Medical Devices

For medical device companies, connecting to the cloud can be costly, time consuming and challenging to maintain compliance to FDA, HIPAA and other medical standards.  That's where Galen Data comes in…
Digital Technology

Small Biz Insider: Houston Outlaws COO Talks Esports Explosive Growth

There's casual video gaming. And then, there's esports.  The competitive gaming industry is rapidly growing with a global market valued at over $1 billion. A major league team playing on the national…
Digital Technology

Small Biz Insider: How SnapStream Became a Late Night TV Mainstay

If you've ever watched 'The Daily Show,' or other late night TV programs, then you've most likely seen the product of a small business born right here in Houston. SnapStream is a tech company that…
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