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Leading the Global Energy Transition

The Greater Houston Partnership is dedicated to strengthening Houston’s position as the Energy Capital of the World. The economic vitality and growth of our region’s economy is inextricably tied to the energy industry, and the industry is changing rapidly. In 2020, the Partnership prioritized efforts that will position Houston to lead the global energy transition to a more efficient and sustainable, low-carbon future and to accommodate global demand growth.

Houston: Prepared to Meet the Challenge

As the Energy Capital of the World, Houston has a responsibility to lead the energy transition to a cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable, lower-carbon world. We know that global demand for energy is growing, particularly in developing nations. At the same time, there is compelling evidence that high levels of CO2 emissions are impacting our climate. It’s a problem that must be addressed.

The Partnership is committed to working alongside the business community, stakeholders, elected officials and others to identify solutions to take on the dual challenge of meeting the world’s increasing energy needs while lowering the world’s carbon footprint. No other city in the world has the expertise and the know-how to solve this problem. As a region, we must combine our scientific, academic, and commercial efforts to work to innovate and develop new technologies that address these problems.
Nowhere else in the world is there such a concentration of scientists, engineers, and economists who understand energy systems and can affect the necessary change.

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Energy Transition Capital of the World

The Partnership has launched a new initiative aimed at accelerating Houston’s activity around energy transition, while existing committees will continue efforts to bring energy tech and renewable energy companies to Houston; bolster Houston's smart city efforts; explore the policy dimensions of carbon capture, use, and storage; and advocate for legislation that helps ensure the Texas Gulf Coast is positioned as a leader in that technology.

Principles of Houston's Energy Transition Effort 

  • Commit to lower carbon emissions

  • Develop new technologies that address the dual challenge: meeting global energy demand while lowering the world's carbon footprint 

  • Leverage Houston's strength in natural gas 

  • Lead development of Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage

  • Be leaders in energy efficiency, conservation, and sustainability as well as smart technology 

Energy Transition at SXSW Houston House

Demand Grows for ESG Solutions in Energy

Andrew Bruce of Data Gumbo and Al Carnrite of The Carnrite Group discuss the rise of ESG and its significance in the global energy transition.


The Energy Workforce of the Future

Katie Mehnert of ALLY discusses the looming talent shortage and workforce diversity needs of today's energy industry.


Corporate Partnerships Drive Digitization in Energy

Kirk Coburn of Shell Ventures sits down with LO3 Energy's Bill Collins to discuss the digitization of the energy industry.


Material Sciences Reducing Global Energy Consumption

Dale Winger of Halliburton Labs, and Mike Francis of Nanotech talk about finding solutions for cleaner, affordable energy.


Energy Storage as an Infrastructure Asset

Doug Moorehead of Broad Reach Power discusses the important role storage plays in the global energy transition and emerging technology in this space.


Powering the ClimateTech Revolution

Emily Reichert discusses how Greentown Labs is leveraging Houston's robust energy ecosystem to power the climatetech revolution.


Houston's Energy Industry

As the Energy Capital of the World, Houston is the headquarters and the intellectual capital for virtually every segment of the energy industry including exploration, production, transmission, marketing, supply, and technology. The critical mass created by such a high concentration of companies and thought leaders in one geographic area yields opportunities for all sectors of the energy industry, including a growing focus on energy tech and renewable forms of energy.

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The Future of Global Energy: Houston’s Role in Leading the Energy Transition

Houston has long been recognized as the Energy Capital of the World. To maintain that standing and realize sustained economic growth, the region must play a lead role in driving the global energy transition to a low-…

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Energy 2.0 Committee

Works with leaders from local energy firms to recruit, develop and expand companies within the sector.

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Energy Advisory Committee

Engages industry and policy leadership at the local, state and federal levels to maintain sound energy policy.

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Sustainability Advisory Committee

Focuses on formulating and implementing a Smart Cities plan for the Houston region.

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