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HETI Energy Ventures Pitch Competition

Join us for the annual Houston Energy Transition Initiative (HETI) Energy Ventures Pitch Competition at CERAWeek, the world’s premiere energy conference.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m (CT)
The Innovation Agora at CERAWeek
George R. Brown Convention Center 

This pitch competition brings together key members of the energy industry, investors, and startups to showcase the critical innovations and emerging technologies that create value from the world’s transition to low-carbon energy systems.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs with businesses providing cleaner and more sustainable energy while also meeting global energy needs reliably and affordably will compete for non-dilutive cash prizes and awards from TEX-E/Greentown Labs, SLB, HX Ventures, and more supporters to be announced soon. In addition, Chevron will consider all finalists for inclusion in their CTV Catalyst program, as they did in the inaugural year of the competition. 


Application Timeline

JAN 19  | Application Opens 
FEB 9    | Online Application Due 
FEB 17  | Finalists Notified 
MAR 8   | Live 5-Minute Pitch + 5-Minute Q&A

A judging committee made up of investors and industry professionals will select up to 5 start-ups to participate in the live pitch competition on March 8th for each of the HETI Energy Ventures Pitch Competition funding categories. 

Participation Rules & Guidelines

Start-ups and entrepreneurs with businesses serving the Energy Transition, such as (but not limited to) those addressing challenges and opportunities in CCUS, Hydrogen, Energy Storage, and the Circular Economy, are invited to present their well-developed business concepts to a world-class investor community.  Businesses will be grouped into the following categories based on the criteria outlined below. Note: TEX-E applications can be submitted here. Round 1 closes January 29. 

Start-Ups that include at least one co-founder or another active team member who is a currently enrolled student at a university located in Texas.
Early-stage start-ups with a novel business concept and thoughtful business plan seeking to build an MVP, launch their product, and/or round out their team for initial growth.
Start-ups with a proven product-market fit seeking to expand operations or add staff for rapid growth.
Established start-ups with proven growth seeking to enter new markets, develop new product lines, or establish greater processes and structures for sustained growth.

Start-Ups will be judged based on their ability to demonstrate the appropriate level of achievement in each of the following areas for their particular funding stage.  

  • Market – The direction of size and growth of a particular market segment.
  • Team – The collection of skill sets and cohesion within a founding team.
  • Product – The demonstration of a team’s ability to execute a product.
  • Distribution – The ability to get a product into an end user’s hands.
  • Traction – The measurements indicating growth in product adoption.

Final decisions are at the discretion of the sponsoring organization. Distribution of prizes is contingent on due diligence performed by the sponsoring investor.  


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The Application Process is Now Closed

Thank you for participating. 

Special AGORA Pricing

Special Pricing Exclusive through the Greater Houston Partnership. Use code ASN_GHP_AGORA1250 via the link below.  


If you have any questions about the assessment or need additional information, please contact Sophia Cunningham. 

Sophia Cunningham
Vice President, HETI
Executive Partners