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Gross Area Product Forecast

The Perryman Group forecasts sustained economic growth for Metro Houston.
Published on 12/2/19
Gross Area Product Forecast


Real (i.e., net of inflation) Gross Area Product (GAP) in the Houston region is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.1 percent from ’20 to ’45 in The Perryman Group’s forecast. The Houston MSA’s real GAP is projected to more than double between ’20 and ’45. Compound annual growth rates of real gross area product from ’20 to ’45 are highest in the industries of management of companies & enterprises (3.9 percent), manufacturing (3.8 percent), and administrative/support & waste management/remediation services (3.7 percent). 


Gross Area Product



Gross Area Product_Data


Forecast Economy
2.6 percent

Greater Houston GAP's expected average annual growth rate through 2045

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