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Bayou Business Download: Where Have the Venture Capital Deals Gone?

Published Dec 03, 2020 by A.J. Mistretta


In this episode of Bayou Business Download we look at venture capital deals happening in Houston during the pandemic and the money tied to them. How many deals are going through and what types of companies are getting funded? We chat with Partnership Director of Data Analytics Josh Pherigo.

Some of the topics covered include: 

  • A look at the discrepancy between the deal count so far this year and the total money going into those deals. 
  • Comparing Houston's current environment with the national VC landscape. 
  • The lifecycle stage of many of the companies currently getting funded and the industry clusters that are faring better than others. 
  • What the year ahead is likely to hold for early stage companies. 
  • How startup development organizations, or SDOs, may impact the funding environment. 

See the latest indicators on the local economy from Partnership Research. 


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