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Bob Harvey Remarks at 2022 Annual Meeting

Published Jan 28, 2022 by A.J. Mistretta

Bob Harvey 2022 Annual Meeting

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I want to start by thanking Amy again for her leadership over the last year and for her remarks earlier in the program. 

It was quite a year, what with the Legislature in session for 240 days.

But you could tell from Amy’s comments that Houston has been on quite a roll – particularly as it relates to innovation and technology, which are the keys to a great future. 

But let me zoom out a bit.

Many of us here today recognize that over the last several decades, a remarkable transformation has taken place here in Houston. 

The Houston I grew up in – back in that other century – could be characterized as a largely biracial, highly segregated, Southern industrial city, with most of that industry tied to oil and gas and far fewer cultural experiences or attractions. 

Frankly, there wasn’t a lot going on here beyond work.  

Much of what we associate with Houston today, like the medical center, didn’t develop until after the second world war -- we didn’t even get our first professional sports team until 1960, and even that was in the upstart American Football League. 

Times have certainly changed!

The Houston of today is the nation’s fourth largest city—a remarkably diverse, vibrant metro filled with talented people drawn to Houston from almost everywhere—with a dynamic quality of life brimming with things to do, and a wide variety of growing industries. 

We truly have become one of the world’s great global cities, and we are viewed as such by people all around the world.

Despite the fact we are approaching the two-year mark of a global pandemic, Houston is in a strong position to lead.

I won’t repeat everything Amy said earlier, but goodness – The Ion, Greentown Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NRG's Headquarters. The incredible development happening out in communities like The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land, and Pearland.

And as Amy noted, Houston is becoming a hub for startups, building off our core industries to foster new companies focused on solving the problems that matter. 

So, these are really good days for Houston. 

We’ve got momentum and so much opportunity ahead of us! We just have to play our cards right.

Amy mentioned the Houston Energy Transition Initiative. I think this may be the single most important issue relative to Houston’s long-term success that we have faced or will face in our lifetimes. We are the undisputed Energy Capital of the World, but we know the industry is changing very rapidly.

Fortunately, Houston has the talent, physical infrastructure, innovation ecosystem and all the other ingredients to lead the global transition to a low-carbon future. 

I am so pleased that Houston’s top energy, academic, and civic leaders are committed to this effort, invested in our energy transition strategy and actively engaged in moving the industry and Houston forward. 

I am also excited about the work the Texas Medical Center has been doing with the TMC Innovation Institute and now TMC3.  

Combine that with the growth of the individual TMC member institutions, the large new A&M presence in the TMC, plus the 52-acre Hines development just east of the Medical Center, and you have the makings of a burgeoning life science sector in Houston.

I could go on in this vein – but I won’t. You all know that Houston is on a roll. But I will tell you this, we can’t take Houston’s success for granted.

When people ask me what the Greater Houston Partnership is about, I tell them “it’s simple, really -- We are about growth and opportunity.”  

Growth of the Houston region and opportunity for all Houstonians.

And when we say all Houstonians, we mean just that. 

Our role is to harness the collective commitment and resources of the Houston business community to strengthen Houston as the most diverse, inclusive, and equitable city in the country. 

This starts with our public and higher education systems, and extends to corporate hiring and procurement practices, up to and including executive leadership roles and board composition. 

I am pleased with the early work of our One Houston Together initiative, but it’s clear we’ve got a long way to go.

Yet, we know good things don’t just happen.  Someone must take the lead.

I am pleased to say that today, the Partnership board, our members and our staff – and all of you in this room – are united in working together to move Houston forward. 

We have never been more focused on growth and opportunity than we are now, and I ask each of you to think about how you can help. 

For example, be vocal in your support of programs and projects we need to move Houston forward, such as public education reform, our flood mitigation investments and the I-45 improvements from downtown to the beltway.  

Please don’t simply assume others will champion them or that they will simply happen on their own.

And support elected officials who unite behind our message of growth and opportunity – political leaders who help bridge the gaps, iron out the differences, and forge the solutions that allow us to move forward.

We have shown ourselves to be a city that works together, across neighborhoods, income, race, and ethnic lines, to create a better future for everyone.  

So, again, we at the Partnership are for growth and opportunity, united with you in our effort to move Houston forward. We welcome anyone who is prepared to work alongside us to make great things happen in Houston.

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New Partnership Members in May

The Greater Houston Partnership welcomed 19 new member companies in the month of May. The Partnership works to connect companies with resources, information and networking opportunities to help increase business while also providing a platform to influence the direction of the region. New members joining in the month of May include: Brombacher & Co.: Brombacher & Co. is a local residential and commercial real estate brokerage that offers a customer-centric approach for its client’s real estate needs and goals. Website.  Cruise: Cruise is an autonomous car service, working to make every ride safe. Website.  Custom Ink: Custom Ink offers customizable printing services, bringing its clients' ideas to life. Website. East Harris County Empowerment Council: East Harris County Empowerment Council exists to improve the quality of life through innovative, sustainable programs and services that empower men, women, and youth to achieve their full potential. Website.  Energy Ogre: Energy Ogre is a technology company whose core competency is residential electricity procurement and management. Website.  Estudio: Estudio offers design and architectural services and strives for innovative ideas that meet the aesthetic and budgetary needs of each individual project. Website.  Flip Lok: Flip Lok provides failproof security through just one flip, ensuring nothing will get past its customers' doors. Website. Gulf of Mexico Alliance: The five Gulf States are the foundation of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, a partnership network dedicated to increasing regional collaboration to enhance the environmental and economic health of the Gulf of Mexico. Website.  HDR Engineering, Inc.: HDR Engineering specializes in engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services, adding beauty and structure to communities through high-performance buildings and smart infrastructure. Website.  Houston Pilots: The Houston Pilots Association provides pilotage services to all foreign flag vessels and American vessels under register (regulated vessels) entering or departing the Port of Houston, Harris County, Texas, as required by Texas state law. Website.  Impireum: Impireum is an outpatient behavioral health practice dedicated to helping individuals across the lifespan, from adults to children and adolescents, achieve emotional well-being and behavioral success. Website.  J Energy Group LLC: J Energy seeks to meet the needs of an ever expanding market through integrated services for the Oil and Gas industry. Website.  Optimum Consultancy Services: Optimum is a modern Software Solutions and Services firm, transforming businesses through the power of People, Technology, and Automated Processes. Website.  Port Arthur Economic Development Council: Port Arthur Economic Development Council enhances Port Arthur’s business climate and overall economic development through encouraging and developing business growth and attracting new business to Port Arthur. Website.  Stabilis Solutions: Stabilis Solutions is a leading producer, marketer and distributor of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen, serving a wide range of customers with portable, temporary and permanent solutions. Website.  Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc.: Sulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering and chemical processing applications. Sulzer's solutions enable carbon emission reductions, development of polymers from biological sources, recycling of plastic waste and textiles, and efficient power storage. Website. Texas Public Charter Schools Association: Texas Public Charter Schools Association (TPCSA) is committed to making sure every child in Texas has access to a high-quality public school that will set them on the path to future success. Website.  Vanderbilt University: Vanderbilt is a private research university based in Nashville, Tennessee. It offers more than 70 undergraduate majors and a full range of graduate and professional degrees across 10 schools and colleges. Vanderbilt is expanding nationally and has established one of its very first VU Hubs in Houston.  Website.  XAG Group: Founded in 2017, XAG Group is a privately owned, full-service company with deep experience in retail leasing, tenant representation, land brokerage, commercial development, and property management. Website.  Click here to see the Partnership's Membership Directory. To learn more about membership with the Greater Houston Partnership click here, or contact
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6 Ways to Engage with the Partnership this Spring

The Partnership regularly offers many exciting opportunities to expand your involvement in not only our impact-driven work, but also with Houston's business community. From valuable program offerings and building relationships abroad to advocating for sound policy at our nation's capital, the Partnership is continuously working to bolster the region.  Looking to deepen your engagement in our work that's driving Houston as a great global city? Here are a few ways you can do just that.     1. Convene with Business Leaders and Industry Experts  The Partnership's signature events give our members the opportunity to engage in lively discussions on industry-specific topics and issues most important to the region, while also growing their business contacts through networking with fellow members and our region's business leaders.    View upcoming events, here.    2. Support Efforts to Increase Racial EquityOne Houston Together is the Partnership’s commitment to leverage the power of the business community to drive change in two priority areas: increase racial equity in the corporate talent pipeline as well as board leadership and grow spending with Minority Business Enterprises. There are many ways for members to engage in this work including workshops, roundtables and the bi-annual Houston Regional Equity & Inclusion Assessment.    3. Join an Upcoming Trade Mission Delegation  As Houston's biggest promoter, working to attract more people and businesses to the region, the Partnership serves as Houston's front door, hosting regional and international delegations and trade missions. From travelling to Brazil and the West Coast to hosting the Italian Trade Houston, members have the exclusive opportunity to make powerful connections that can expand their business abroad.    Learn more about the Partnership's trade missions and how you can join a delegation, here.    4. Join a Committee  The Partnership’s impact work is driven by our 16 committees, which convene business and community leaders with subject-matter experts to advance Partnership priorities. Through collaboration, information-sharing and collective insights, committees strengthen economic growth and expand opportunity for all in the region.    Learn more about committees, here.    5. Advance Your Business Skills  The Partnership offers a multitude of  Business Resource Groups  and  Forums, that allow members at all levels to come together and engage in topics centered around career stages or industry interests while also offering networking and professional development opportunities to flourish in their career and business.    View upcoming programs, here.   6. Take advantage of the Partnership's Digital Offerings  Through our digital offerings, you can easily stay up-to-date and engaged in the Partnership's work. Follow our social media accounts @ghpartnership and opt-in to our newsletter, The Partnership Pulse, for detailed information on upcoming events, news, research and data, public policy and more. You can also subscribe to Partnership Podcasts for insights on Houston's economy and conversations with female leaders.    Not a member?   Ask our team about how you can start your Partnership journey at  
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