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East End Maker Hub Adds Six New Start-up Tenants

Published Apr 28, 2021 by A.J. Mistretta

East End Maker Hub_Exterior View

Six new startups with focuses ranging from pediatric medical device manufacturing to aerospace and marine software development are moving into Houston’s new East End Maker Hub. 

The 300,000-square-foot East End Maker Hub, which began opening in phases earlier this year, is designed to assist manufacturing-related startups of all types, from fabricators to biomanufacturers. Developed by Urban Partnerships Community Development Corp. in collaboration with manufacturing incubator TX/RX Labs, the project sits on 21 acres just off of Navigation Boulevard in Houston’s East End. 

The six new tenant companies include: 

  • Horizon Aeromarine, Inc., which supports engineering teams with the design, development, and qualification of safety-critical and marine software and electronics. 
  • Alchemy Industrial, a contract manufacturer that uses advanced technologies to facilitate the new product development process that transforms matter into reality for industrial products. 
  • Gbowo, Inc, which aims to be a major contributor in helping companies worldwide reduce the carbon footprint and costs from their last mile deliveries in a manner that is better for consumers. According to Founder and CEO, Ganiu Ladejobi, this is accomplished by creating low speed electric vehicles for short distance transportation of products as well as providing a zero-emissions delivery service for e-commerce companies. 
  • Carbon ATM seeks to improve ambient air quality monitoring with an affordable and portable user interface (UI) device that includes a smart data collection system. The device will help map all surrounding areas, track air quality patterns, and help in all types of disasters. 
  • Polyvascular is designing a polymer-based transcatheter heart valve for children, to address congenital heart disease (CHD), which is the leading cause of infant mortality in the developed world. Leveraging the region’s world-class Texas Medical Center resources, Polyvascular has been working to transform the care of children with CHD by reducing the need for multiple open-heart surgeries. 
  • Parallax 621 seeks to develop groundbreaking technology based on the organization’s theoretical physics research, which can be applied to the energy, space, and computing sectors. As a technology think tank, Parallax 621 will leverage the resources of the East End Maker Hub to prototype, conduct research, and seek collaboration with the hub’s other tenants.

“All of these companies cite the East End Maker Hub’s physical innovation infrastructure, customizable spaces, strategic location, and potential collaborators as motivations for moving their operations into the hub, said Patrick Ezzell, President of Urban Parnterships CDC. “All are in the process of growing their teams and view Houston and, more specifically, the East End as a key resource for human capital heading into the future.”

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