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Future of Texas - Unscripted: A Year of COVID-19

Published Mar 12, 2021 by A.J. Mistretta

Future of Texas

In this episode of Future of Texas – Unscripted, we discuss the past year of living with COVID-19, and local, state and federal actions to address its impact. Partnership Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, Lindsay Munoz, discusses with Partnership Public Policy Director, Ben Melson. 

In this episode we cover:

  •  The 2020 COVID timeline
  • Coordinated efforts by local, state and federal authorities
  • Governor Abbott’s Executive Order and Texas Pandemic Response Act
  • American Rescue Plan


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Houston is a leader in the new frontier of technology manufacturing. Our region has experienced significant growth in high-tech manufacturing as new entrepreneurs have partnered with local universities and existing industries to accelerate the development and deployment of life saving medical technologies, pioneering energy systems and other advancements benefiting all Americans. On Tuesday, August 9, President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act into law, a piece of legislation ensuring that the United States remains globally competitive in incubating the next generation of tech startups, ideas, and innovators.  This bipartisan legislation will accelerate American-based semiconductor manufacturing and drive investments in technology innovation, research, and development, with the aim of reducing the United States’ reliance on foreign parties. The Act provides a tax credit for American-based semiconductor chip manufacturing projects and provides significant appropriations for the National Science Foundation, regional technology and innovation hubs, and advanced research programs such as STEM grants. In addition to semiconductor manufacturing incentives, the legislation also authorizes $10 billion over five years to create at least 20 regional technology and innovation hubs across the country. The legislation’s hubs program allows eligible consortia to participate in a competition run by the Department of Commerce to designate these regional technology and innovation hubs, and at least 60 strategy development grants will be awarded to help build regional innovation strategies. This legislation signals a federal investment in regional, technology-forward economic development, and the Houston region stands ready to maximize this opportunity.   The passage of the CHIPS and Science Act offers significant economic opportunities for our state and our region. Texas currently has the infrastructure to support new semiconductor projects, and our region’s experience as a center for world-changing innovations has readied Houston to drive our nation’s capabilities for decades to come.  More on the CHIPS and Science Act available here. Learn more about advanced manufacturing in Houston here. 
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