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Green Energy Startups Leading Houston’s Energy Transition

Published Jun 07, 2022 by Ernesto Becerra

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A dynamic business climate combined with growth in venture capital funding in Houston has created fertile ground for companies of all stages aiming to power our world through the global energy transition. As the Energy Capital of the World, Houston has become a hub for startups and venture capital firms investing in the region’s energy future. Learn about some of the new carbon capture, energy storage, circular economy and hydrogen solutions emerging in Houston.


Ionada, stationed in Halliburton Labs, is a lean start-up leveraging the latest in digital technology to reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries. The company says Houston’s expertise and global network provide the ideal launching platform for them to scale their business to meet demand.

Energy Transition Ventures (ETV)

Energy Transition Ventures is investing in startups driving or benefitting from the energy transition across categories including distributed energy, electrification, mobility, resource efficiency, and enabling technologies. ETV’s most recent investments include green hydrogen company Ohmium; Dronebase, an aerial inspection company for renewables; and Resilient Power, a power electronics startup launching a next generation EV fast charging product.

Fysikes Biosolutions

Fysikes Biosolutions develops renewable green fuels via the production of hydrogen and concentrated CO2 from direct air capture and industrial CO2 capture technologies. The resulting solid biomaterials have multiple applications as fertilizers, feed enhancers, water purification and even as sustainable reducing agents in steel and cement production.

Katz Water Technologies (KWT)

KWT is developing a solar thermal X-VAP system to purify water without electricity or fuel consumption. This technology will provide a sustainable source of freshwater from previously unusable sources to end users without access to power or those looking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Pressure Corp

Pressure Corp deploys waste pressure power systems that transform industrial waste pressure into clean energy with zero capital required from host facilities. By transforming wasted mechanical energy from pressure letdown stations into clean electricity, the company provides a mechanism for industrial facility owners to meet increasing corporate ESG targets and increasing demands from regulators and policymakers.

Renewell Energy

Renewell converts the millions of stranded inactive oil and gas wells, along with their supporting infrastructure, into the lowest-cost, highest GHG-abating, most flexible energy storage device in the world. The prototype charges their energy storage device in these oil wells by lifting a cylindrical weight to the top of an oil well.


Current grid-scale energy storage technologies such as lithium-ion batteries make clean energy like solar and wind less clean due to their manufacturing methods, short lifespans, and toxic byproducts. By introducing a highly efficient, low-cost, and clean alternative to lithium-ion batteries in industrial applications, Revterra says it will enable larger integration of renewables.


Join the Greater Houston Partnership and Center for Houston's Future at the upcoming Future of Global Energy Conference presented by Chevron from June 28-30 to discuss Houston’s role in energy transition.

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