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HYPE Members Get Lesson in Mentorship from Business Leaders

Published Mar 28, 2019 by Maggie Martin

Greater Houston Partnership HYPE Mentorship event

HYPE members and powerhouse corporate leaders jump-started their day with breakfast and thoughtful conversation at this year’s first HYPE Power Hour.

Thursday’s sold-out event at Partnership Tower was an opportunity for these young professionals to gain insight into the career paths, educational background and journey of established thought leaders. 

Sheel Tyle, GHP Board Member and  founder and CEO of Amplo, was one of the thought leaders at this morning’s event. 

“I received a lot of mentorship when I was growing up,” Tyle said. “I feel like the best professional relationships I’ve had have been with my mentors. In some ways, this is my way of giving back.”

Mentoring was one of several topics participants discussed during the networking event. Tyle said he encourages those seeking mentors to reach out to more established leaders within their organizations. 

“In the workplace, reach out to senior leadership and say ‘I’m new and I would love to learn and see how I can add value to you,’” said Tyle. “See how you can add value to that person. Young people always have something to offer, it’s just figuring out what that is. And mentors don’t necessarily have to be older. Mentors can be the same age or younger.”

Participants talked with each other in a more intimate networking setting, with a Thought Leader at every table to share their insights. 

Arif Yusuf was one of several HYPE members participating in Thursday’s event.

“I’m looking forward to sitting at a table of peers and being able to discuss prevalent topics that affect not only our own community and society, but reflect how business and technology are constantly evolving in a rapidly changing world,” said Yusuf. “I am always intrigued by the higher-level thinking established business leaders have to have in order to remain so many steps ahead in their respective industries.”

Yusuf said networking as a young professional in Houston is important. 

“I enjoy meeting people and learning about their stories, and also being able to connect them with others from my own network,” said Yusuf. “I think as a young professional in Houston, it is absolutely necessary that one has a growing network firmly planted within the community. I believe this is instrumental as we grow into the next group of leaders in Houston.”

HYPE is a Greater Houston Partnership program created by young professionals for young professionals. Learn more about this program here.  

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Gov. Abbott Lifts COVID Restrictions, Broadband and Winter Storm Legislation Moves Forward

Week In Review Governor Greg Abbott took executive action on COVID-19 protocols. Legislative hearings continued in response to Winter Storm Uri, and lawmakers introduced new broadband policy proposals to expand Texans' access to the Internet. Governor Abbott Lifts COVID Restrictions On Tuesday, Governor Abbott issued Executive Order GA-34, which stated, in brief, that effective March 10, 2021, a.) there are no COVID-19-related capacity limits for any business or other establishment; and b.) face coverings are no longer required, although individuals are strongly encouraged to wear them when social distancing is not possible. Per the Order, businesses are free to limit capacity or require face coverings if they so choose. The Executive Order allows certain mitigation steps to be taken if an area has had seven consecutive days with more than 15 percent of hospital capacity occupied by COVID-19 patients. Currently, only two regions (El Paso and Laredo) meet that standard.   In response, Partnership President and CEO, Bob Harvey issued the following statement:  “While we in the Houston area have seen considerable improvement since January in terms of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, and we are pleased that the three approved vaccines are beginning to reach the most at-risk populations, we should recognize that the majority of the regional population is still at risk of contracting the virus.   We believe that our masking and social distancing behaviors are helping drive down the prevalence of the virus even as we see an increasing presence of the worrisome variants. We have been following the advice of health care professionals throughout the pandemic and believe it is simply too early for us to forgo these actions.    We at the Partnership encourage Houstonians to stay the course, continue masking and social distancing, and we encourage customer-facing businesses to continue to require masks and limit crowding. Let’s continue to be responsible, with or without state requirements.” Winter Storm Legislative hearings on Winter Storm Uri continued this week. The industry continues to provide feedback and data from the power outages and has begun to propose solutions to improve ERCOT and the state electric grid. At the request of the Legislature, recommendations from state electrical market leaders are forthcoming. While more than 50 bills relating to the winter storm have already been filed as of Thursday, we expect the primary legislative vehicle will take shape over the next week few weeks. The last day to file bills is Friday, March 12, but it is not uncommon for lawmakers to file a “shell” bill as a placeholder and introduce actual legislation during the committee process. Among those bills already filed, most address the governance of ERCOT or the Public Utility Commission. Other bills propose mandatory reserve capacity, winterization of energy facilities and statutory restrictions on the time customers are allowed to be without power during periods of rolling blackouts.    Broadband The Legislature’s effort to address the digital divide received a boost this week when Representative Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin) filed House Bill 5. This bill is expected to be the primary vehicle for broadband legislation and includes the two primary objectives outlined by the Partnership and the Digital Texas Coalition – creation of a statewide broadband office and the authorization of a long-term statewide broadband plan.     Additionally, the bill requires the creation of a grant program to facilitate investment in broadband infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. Partnership staff have been working to expand the grant program to include affordability and require equitable distribution of grant funds to both rural and urban areas of the state. The legislation has been referred to the House Committee on State Affairs chaired by Representative Chris Paddie (R-Marshall), who is a joint author of the legislation. We anticipate this legislation will be heard in committee in the next few weeks. Learn more about the Partnership’s Executive Priorities.
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Houston Ranks Among Top 10 Startup Metros

The fastest growing and most diverse city in the nation is also one of the top places for startup activity.  A recent ranking from Roofstock, an online real estate investment platform, ranks Houston as the number 10 region with the most startup business activity.  Roofstock’s ranking system is based on analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That data shows the Houston region has 9,214 startup formations annually, giving the area a startup formation rate of 9.48%. A startup formation rate refers to the number of new businesses in a year divided by the total number of businesses.   Roofstock also found that Houston’s startup businesses create 55,475 jobs annually and 14.44% of all new jobs in the region come from startups.  Houston’s start-up-friendly environment can be partially attributed to its low cost of living. Houston’s housing costs are 51.2% below the average of the 20 most populous metros and 11.5% below the average for all U.S. metros. Houston also in the top 10 metros for the number of adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher.  “It's a great city and one that I am proud to call home. The city is growing as a technology leader, drawing in new and diverse talent. The cost of living is lower and the city has a lot to offer culturally,” Eric Elman, CEO and co-founder of Onit, Inc., a Houston-based software company recently told the Partnership.  Learn more about why Houston is the perfect place to start and grow a business.  Learn more about Houston innovation. 
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