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Statement Regarding TEA Intervention in HISD

Published Mar 15, 2023 by Brina Morales

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Statement from the Greater Houston Partnership Regarding TEA Intervention in HISD
In January, the Texas Supreme Court affirmed that Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath has the authority and the duty to take action to correct HISD’s long history of failing to provide quality education at every school and in every neighborhood of the district.  

Commissioner Morath must now appoint a board of managers made up of qualified individuals residing in the district and a superintendent to lead the district.  

Greater Houston Partnership President and CEO Bob Harvey said:

“Now that TEA has announced their intent to intervene as expected, we encourage individuals with an unrelenting commitment to ensuring every student has the opportunity to reach their true potential to apply to serve on the board.  

The business community of Houston stands ready to support the new leaders of HISD as they develop district-wide and campus-specific improvement plans for the school year 2023-2024.  

All Houstonians should get behind this program to improve student academic performance throughout the district. This is about providing opportunity for all of Houston’s children. Our future as a great, diverse city rests on this moment.”

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Rice University President Reggie DesRoches delved into the institution’s transformative advancements, identifying research and community collaboration as top priorities of focus at the Partnership’s annual State of Education.  Supporting nearly 9,000 students, Rice is a critical part of the region’s higher education ecosystem and serves as a catalyst for building Houston’s future workforce. To better serve Houston’s community and key industries, Rice has strategically increased its efforts to advance impactful research within the institution. These efforts include a significant 20% augmentation of undergraduate and graduate students, the addition of 200 faculty members and the inauguration of a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to energy transition research – The Ralph S. O’Connor Building for Engineering and Science.  “The focus of our research is not just to have research but to have an impact in the region and the greater community,” said DesRoches. DesRoches highlighted that Rice is also working to increase the presence of graduate students focusing on PhD programs, which will further expand the institution’s research initiatives. To drive more impactful research and to cement the university’s position as a leading innovation hub, DesRoches pointed to collaboration. Through the support and partnerships of local entities and organizations like The Ion Houston and Greentown Labs, Rice has established many groundbreaking programs such as the Entrepreneurship Exchange for Energy. These efforts underline the university's dedication to cultivating research and innovation within Houston and beyond. As a true testament of research and collaboration, Rice recently partnered with Houston Methodist to open the Center for Human Performance; a 6,000-square-foot research facility located in Rice’s Tudor Fieldhouse. The new facility aims to propel research focusing on injury prevention and recovery, improving overall health across the region.  However, Rice sees more potential to be unlocked by leveraging the Texas Medical Center as a resource to deepen its engagement in health sciences, aiming for elevated contributions to the field. "The research and development stemming from [Rice University] are key drivers of technological advancement, which helps us attract businesses seeking to leverage the latest innovations to Houston," said Partnership President and CEO Bob Harvey.  Learn more about Houston’s Higher Education Institutions.
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