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Statement on Tragedy in Mexico City

Published May 04, 2021 by A.J. Mistretta

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Statement from the Greater Houston Partnership 
The Greater Houston Partnership offers its sincere sympathy to the people of Mexico City following yesterday’s terrible subway overpass collapse that claimed dozens of lives. Mexico is a great friend and partner with Houston; our two regions share significant cultural and business ties. Mexico City itself is known around the world as one of the most culturally rich global metros and we offer our support as they recover from this tragedy. 

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Report: Houston Among Top 20 Global Cities of the Future

Houston ranks among the top Global Cities of the Future, inching its way up four spots on the latest report from the group fDi Intelligence.  Houston came in at No. 19 on 2021/22 fDi list, which ranks major global cities based on foreign direct investment. That’s up from No. 24 when the ranking was published in 2018/19. Houston was only one of two U.S. cities among the top 20 on the latest list, with New York ranking seventh.  Last year, Houston ranked No. 3 on fDi’s Tier 2 list of cities with populations under 8 million, but the new report looks at all cities globally.  Partnership Chief f Economic Development Officer Susan Davenport said Houston’s elevated position on the list validates the region’s place as a magnet for foreign direct investment in the U.S. “Houston’s significant infrastructure—including our port and two commercial airports—along with our prime geographic location, large and diverse workforce and pro-business environment have long made us an attractive target for foreign investment and what we see is that attraction is only growing.”  Today, 15 foreign governments maintain trade and commercial offices in Houston and the region has 41 active foreign chambers of commerce as well as one of the nation's largest consular corps. In addition, more than 1,700 Houston companies report foreign ownership while roughly one-in-four residents in the region are foreign born, contributing to Houston's well-recognized diversity.  To create a shortlist for fDi’s Global Cities of the Future 2021/22, the fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected data using the online tools fDi Markets and fDi Benchmark. Data was then collected for a total of 129 locations under five categories: economic potential, business friendliness, human capital and lifestyle, cost effectiveness and connectivity.  fDi’s top 20 Global Cities of the Future:  1. Singapore 2. London 3. Dubai 4. Amsterdam 5. Dublin 6. Hong Kong 7. New York 8. Shanghai 9. Paris 10. Tokyo 11. Beijing 12. Abu Dhabi 13. Bangalore 14. Munich 15. Wroclaw 16. Zurich 17. Toronto 18. Seoul 19. Houston 20. Warsaw Learn more about international business in Houston and read the fDi report. 
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The Reshoring Movement and its Impact on U.S. Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many vulnerabilities for American business, from the critical importance of remote connectivity to the risks of open office design. But for manufacturers and others dependent on the global supply chain, the pandemic brought their exposure into stark focus when parts of the chain broke down last spring. Companies dependent on materials and supplies from China and other nations were left waiting weeks or more for those products in many cases.  Acknowledging the risk, a number of U.S. companies are looking to “reshore” parts of their own operations and seek out domestic producers for critical supplies. These businesses hope to strengthen their supply chain by reducing its length.  Experts came together to discuss the reshoring phenomenon and the advantages to businesses looking to supply the federal government in a special Business Beyond Borders presentation this week hosted by the Partnership. The conversation resumes with a Part 2 on Reshoring on March 2. Register here. Dr. Sanju Patro, Director of TMAC Gulf Coast and Harry Moser, President of Reshoring Initiative, talked about the growing movement toward domestic production.  The Buy American Act requires that the federal government buy products made in the U.S. from materials mostly supplied domestically. But loopholes and ambiguity surrounding the law often make it easy to circumvent. Patro said a recent executive order from the Biden Administration seeks to close those loopholes and directs federal agencies to review their procurement process. That’s creating renewed incentive for American companies to source and manufacture domestically, which could boost employment.  “As more and more U.S. companies work to reshore manufacturing, there will be greater demand for skilled labor,” Patro said.  Moser said the pandemic has brought to light many of the hidden costs of outsourcing. While many companies source and manufacture overseas, they aren’t factoring in the “total cost of ownership,” or the additional costs tied to the supply chain.  Over the last 20 years, the value of U.S. manufacturing has plateaued due in large part to offshoring. “We are consuming more goods than ever before, but we simply aren’t producing them anymore,” said Moser.  Moser offered an example many have become familiar with during the pandemic. Disposable masks are largely manufactured overseas and at the beginning of the pandemic, these were in short supply due to the breakdown in the supply chain. According to Moser, if mask making had been done domestically it would have created 180,000 additional manufacturing jobs.  To watch the full program Business Beyond Borders: COVID-19 Supply Chain Wake-Up Calls for Reshoring Now, Partnership members can log into the membership portal via the link at the top right of the page. 
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