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Texas A&M to Build $550 Million Project at TMC

Published Feb 20, 2020 by A.J. Mistretta

Texas A&M TMC.jpg

A rendering of the new Texas A&M complex

The Texas A&M University System plans to build a $550 million complex in the Texas Medical Center that will house its groundbreaking Engineering Medicine (EnMed) program and provide housing for medical and nursing students in Houston.

The 5.5-acre project is one of the university system’s most ambitious to date in Houston. It will include an 18-story academic building for the EnMed program in partnership with Houston Methodist, a 19-story student housing building, and a 30-story medical office building. 

Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp said the TMC expansion is designed to meet the medical needs of Texans and provide needed space and facilities both students and professionals. 

“Texas A&M’s rise in prominence – especially within the health care arena – is reflected with the aggressive expansion of properties near the Texas Medical Center,” Sharp said. “The Houston medical scene is about to see the benefits of Aggie ingenuity and our dedication to service.”

EnMed brings a new concept to the TMC where students work on new ways to solve complicated health problems. Students will complete the requirements for master’s degrees in engineering and doctorates of medicine, while also being required to invent new devices or processes before they graduate.

“Today’s landmark announcement by Texas A&M is an incredible investment in Houston’s life science and innovation landscape – and in our future workforce,” said Bob Harvey, President and CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership. 

“Texas A&M’s EnMed program fits right into what we are doing in Houston. Our city has long been recognized as a destination for world-class health care and cutting-edge research, thanks to the incredible institutions in the Texas Medical Center,” Harvey said. “Houston is also becoming known as an attractive location for both mature and emerging life science and biotech companies. We are, indeed, becoming the 'third coast' for life sciences.” 

Learn more about life sciences and health care in Houston as well as our innovation ecosystem. Read more about this project via the Houston Chronicle

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