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What Does the Word Manufacturing Mean to Houston?

For generations, the word manufacturing was synonymous with places. In Detroit, it meant automobiles; in Ohio and Pennsylvania it meant steel. More recently, in the Silicon Valley and the Research…
Health Care

Small Biz Insider: Health Tech Startup Strives to Ease Access to Some of the Hardest Conversations

Conversations and decisions regarding advance care, especially end-of-life care, can be challenging. A Houston health technology firm wants to make that a little easier. Koda Health's advanced care-…
Life Sciences

Work Begins on Massive TMC3 Project

Work has begun on TMC3, the much-anticipated life sciences research and commercialization campus that backers believe will become a robust global nexus for that work in the years to come.  The Texas…
Digital Technology

Small Biz Insider: How This Startup is Removing an “Undue Burden” From Medical Devices

For medical device companies, connecting to the cloud can be costly, time consuming and challenging to maintain compliance to FDA, HIPAA and other medical standards.  That's where Galen Data comes in…
Health Care

Houston Health Care Innovation Takes Spotlight at Global Summit

Leaders from Houston's innovation ecosystem recently told an international audience how the nation's fourth largest city is supporting new technologies, products and services within one of the most…

New Houston Coworking Facility for Biotech Startups Opening in September

Houston's robust life sciences ecosystem is about to welcome a new coworking space for early-stage biotech startups. K2bio will offer experienced biotech research managers, staff and other resources…