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Living In Houston

Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July in and Around Houston

An increase in temperatures, snowball stands and a patriotic high all mean it’s almost Independence Day. Houston and surrounding suburbs have plenty of ways to celebrate America’s birthday. From…
Living In Houston

'Town Square' Project Aims to Reinvent Memorial City Complex

The traditional American mall is changing from coast to coast, with some shopping centers facing the wrecking ball while others are being reinvented to meet the evolving needs of 21st century urban…
Living In Houston

Upcoming International Cultural Festivals in Houston

Houston has long been considered one of the youngest, fastest-growing, and most diverse cities in the nation. The city is home to many cultures, given that one-in-four are foreign-born and over 145…
Living In Houston

New Projects Breathing New Life into 3 Treasured Houston Green Spaces

There’s no shortage of green space in Houston. In fact, there are more than 366 parks and over 200 green spaces in the city alone. And our city parks are only getting better. Transformative projects…
Living In Houston

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Houston

Since 1970, Earth Day has served as a reminder to take action to protect our planet and reduce our environmental impact. In Houston, the Partnership is taking action to reduce the energy industry’s…

City of Houston Scoring Wins in Green Initiatives

Houston is making progress in its efforts to building a more sustainable city. Next month will mark two years since the City of Houston released its Climate Action Plan (CAP), a strategy to reduce…