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Quality of Life

One Houston Together: The Business Community's Role in Addressing Racial Inequities

Through a series of webinars held this month, the Partnership's One Houston Together initiative has explored multiple facets of racial inequity in our community, from how race impacts access to…
Quality of Life

One Houston Together: Developing Equitable Communities

Historic gaps in equity and access to opportunity continue to adversely impact communities across Houston. Today, a person’s zip code remains one of the best indicators of their health and wealth.…
Health Care

One Houston Together: Health and Racial Inequities

The race-based disparities that exist in health outcomes has been a much-discussed and researched topic. While some progress has been made to address access, cost and quality of care, the COVID-19…
Quality of Life

One Houston Together: Education and Racial Inequities

How does race affect the educational opportunities afforded to individuals and communities in the Houston area? What can we do to ensure quality education is accessible to all?  Those were some of…
Quality of Life

One Houston Together: Understanding Racism

Many of us have specific ideas of what racism looks like, but we often don’t realize how pervasive it can be. Indeed, people of color face both individual and systemic racism in often subtle ways in…
Quality of Life

Bus Rapid Transit Arrives in Uptown Houston, More Lines in the Works

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) has launched its first bus rapid transit route in Uptown Houston.  The long-awaited Silver Line runs five miles from the Northwest Transit…
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