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Houston House @ South by Southwest

In March 2022, the Partnership hosted Houston House, a two-day activation featuring programming and networking opportunities at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX. 


Houston House offered thought leadership programming featuring industry leaders and startup founders in a series of panel discussions on today’s most prominent topics in tech. It also served as a landing pad for stakeholders and attendees to cultivate relationships.


View recordings of the presentations below and learn more about what's driving Houston's innovation and tech ecosystem. 

Day 1: Funding | Sports Tech | BioTech | Space

Funding the Next Generation of Diverse Founders

Despite being a critical force in the U.S. economy, diverse entrepreneurs represent a major funding gap. Access to funding remains a tightly guarded gateway to success.


Game Changers: The Rise of Sports Tech

The global sports technology market is booming with high-potential opportunities in wearable technology, e-sports, training, ticketing platforms, and everything in between.


The Commercial Space Age is Here

For over 60 years, NASA has led the way in human space exploration. With a trillion-dollar space economy on the horizon, their continued mission to put people in space sustainably and at scale marks the opening of a new era of cooperation with private firms.


MedTech Transforming Healthcare Industry

Advancements in healthcare innovation are accelerating the delivery of life-saving solutions to patients around the globe. Join industry leaders as they discuss today’s most revolutionary medical device technologies.


Accelerating Innovation in Biotech

Scientists are on the cusp of huge breakthroughs in a new field of medicine that would create a new paradigm for healthcare – one that could potentially cure even the most difficult diseases by focusing on the building blocks of our bodies, our genes and cells.


Day 2: Energy Transition | ClimateTech | Equity in Future of Energy

Funding the Global Energy Transition

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Players across the capital spectrum are looking to invest in a wide range of companies developing low carbon technologies; and the money is flowing!


Dream Team: Corporates & Startups in ClimateTech

Advanced technology and new business models have given rise to a new energy system. Today, global energy companies are actively partnering with startups to help commercialize and deploy low-carbon technologies.


Tech Powering the Global Energy Transition

Technology has revolutionized the global energy industry, and tackling climate change head on. Founders from some of the world's most promising energy tech startups discuss their critical role in accelerating the global energy transition.


Roadmap to an Equitable Energy Transition

The risks of climate change on countries across the globe and the energy industry have never been greater. Major climate events impact low-to-moderate income communities the most.


Houston Tech Report

This report outlines the tremendous growth in Houston’s tech ecosystem in recent years as evidenced by the expanding workforce as well as startup and venture capital activity. The report also highlights the region’s unique strengths in the sector. 

Partnership introduces in-person Houston House for SXSW 2022

The Greater Houston Partnership is shining a spotlight on Houston at the 2022 South by Southwest Festival.

Susan Davenport, Chief Economic Development Officer, shares more details on the activation in a Q&A with InnovationMap.

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