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Presidents Message GHP

Dear Member,

As we prepare to celebrate the Greater Houston Partnership’s 25th Anniversary in 2014, I am excited to tell you about a few important changes taking place at the Partnership.

Our mission at the Partnership is to make the Houston region the best place to live, work and build a business. Houston has enjoyed incredible success, and the Greater Houston Partnership has played an important role, working to create jobs and advocating for a positive business environment that is conducive to growth and prosperity.

As we look ahead, Houston’s future is bright. Houston is poised for greatness on a global scale – and GHP is committed to helping engineer Houston’s next era of success.

With support from McKinsey and Company, GHP recently completed a study to look at our organization and to assess how our work aligns with Houston’s economy and the region’s needs. After meeting with regional leaders and considering McKinsey’s input, we determined that GHP could have a greater impact if it adopted a short list of priorities focused on the region’s most pressing issues.

Our analysis suggested the following priorities for Houston:

No question, these are very large, multifaceted priorities. To effectively address these issues, we will need to take a more systematic, intentional approach to our work.

The Partnership will continue to focus on making our region the best place to live, work and build a business through our economic development programs, our public policy work and our community leadership and convening role. However, moving forward, we must prioritize our efforts to achieve maximum impact in the community. It is not enough to merely identify the issues, we must work diligently to solve them.

Houston is at a unique place in its history. Because of our hard work as a region, we have the opportunity to be one of the truly great global cities, with a robust economy and an unequaled quality of life.

Our upward trajectory has us competing with some of the top cities around the world – competing for talent, for investment, and for growth. Make no mistake, these other great metropolitan areas are as intent on winning in the 21st century as we are.

As leaders of the business community, we need to raise our sights to take our region to the next level. With your support and active engagement, GHP is committed to leading the way.



Bob Harvey
President and CEO
Greater Houston Partnership

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