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One Houston Together

While the issues of racial inequity and systemic racism are not unique to Houston, we have an opportunity as Houstonians to lead the way in reforming broken systems, partnering with communities, offering support and removing barriers. We often speak with pride of Houston being "America’s most diverse city." Now we must work to make Houston "America’s most inclusive and open city", one that does truly offer "opportunity for all." The Partnership and the 900 member companies and institutions we represent are committed to this endeavor.

One Houston Together is our commitment to leverage the power of the business community to reduce inequities. One Houston Together Priorities include: accelerating the growth of underrepresented businesses and increasing racial equity in the corporate talent pipeline and executive leadership.

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Racial Equity Principles

The Partnership’s Racial Equity Principles are a framework to communicate the Houston business community’s pledge to reforming systems of bias, strengthening underserved communities, advocating inclusion, and removing barriers to achievement. Although many businesses have made their own individual statements and pledges, this unified approach sends an important signal about the Houston business community’s collective commitment. The Principles articulate how the Partnership and individual businesses can commit to advancing racial equity within their organizations and throughout our community.

Racial Equity Committee

The Partnership has created a new board committee that will guide the organization's actions to address racial equity and racial justice issues in Houston. The mission of the Racial Equity Committee is to harness the collective commitment and resources of Houston’s businesses and institutions to advance bold solutions to strengthen Houston as the most diverse, inclusive and equitable city in the United States.

This committee will operate at the level of our two other “board-member only” direction-setting committees, the Public Policy Steering and Economic Development Steering committees. The new committee will be co-chaired by Ruth Simmons, President of Prairie View A&M University, and Gretchen Watkins, President of Shell Oil Co. Click the link below for the full roster of committee members.

Houston Area Equity and Inclusion Organization Assessment

The Greater Houston Partnership is excited to provide a robust tool to help businesses and organizations of all sizes enhance their equity and inclusion strategy and increase community impact. This resource will help your company measure progress and create a roadmap for action. Based on the Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks, the Partnership’s Equity & Inclusion Organization Assessment will support your internal planning across 15 categories. The assessment is also the first step to establish a regional baseline and set metrics for our collective progress in this, the nation’s most diverse city. Follow the link to obtain your organization's unique login. 

Racial Equity Conversations

Understanding Racism

Defining and understanding systemic and individual racism.


Education and Racial Inequities

How does race affect the educational opportunities afforded to individuals and communities in the Houston area? What can we do to ensure quality education is accessible to all?


Health and Racial Inequities

A look at why race-based disparities remain in outcomes, access, cost and quality of care.


Developing Equitable Communities

Today, a person’s zip code remains one of the best indicators of their health and wealth. But there are renewed efforts to close the gaps in equity in our region’s communities.


The Business Community's Role in Addressing Racial Inequities

What can individual companies and the broader corporate community do to help eliminate racial disparities?


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conversations

The Greater Houston Partnership presented Houston House during the 2021 SXSW virtual conference. The event featured candid conversations around a series of topics including innovation, the future of energy and DEI. 

Guiding Internal Conversations About Racial Inequity, Injustice with Employees

In the period following George Floyd's death and protests in response, businesses across the country have made public statements against racism, injustice and racial inequity. Some pledged money toward social justice efforts. Other organizations are honoring Juneteenth, the holiday commemorating the end of slavery, as an annual holiday. Many business leaders are also bringing the national conversation to their staff to address these issues within their organization.  

Houston Demographics

Greater Houston Basic Demographics

A look at the Houston population by race, ethnicity, age, education and other factors.

View Report

Urban Disparity

The Kinder Institute examines gaps in income, educational attainment, neighborhood services and other metrics and their impact on opportunity.

Learn More

Understanding Houston

Understanding Houston aggregates data across multiple sources to provide an accessible, one-stop platform for understanding key quality of life issues in Houston’s three most populous counties.

Learn More

Greater Houston Population Growth and Change

The October 2019 edition of the Partnership's Houston Economy at a Glance looks at the most recent demographic data for the Houston region, including race and ethnicity, foreign-born residents, age and more. 

Talent Resources Group

Launched in 2019, the Partnership's Talent Resources Group (TRG) provides HR professionals, ERG leaders and recruiters with access to information to grow their companies most important resource: talent. Topics address talent attraction and retention, diversity and inclusion, enhancing corporate culture and more. The group's largest annual event is the Houston NEXT ERG Summit. 

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Upcoming Event

Houston NEXT: An ERG Summit

Bringing together D&I, HR leaders and Talent Attraction professionals, this event explores how Houston must take a leadership role in addressing diversity, equality, inclusion and justice for our region and workplaces.

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Suggested Reading and Listening

The Partnership staff have compiled this short list of suggested books, podcasts and other resources that provide insight on these complex issues.

Additional Resources

View reports and learn more about other organizations working to address racial equity. 

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Racial Equity

Houston Area Equity & Inclusion Assessment Now Live

The Greater Houston Partnership has launched the Houston Area Equity & Inclusion Organization Assessment, a robust tool to help businesses and organizations in the region of all sizes enhance their equity and inclusion strategy and increase community impact.  The Partnership held a virtual launch event on June 17 to introduce the assessment and answer participants questions. Partnership Senior Vice President of DEI LaTanya Flix led the conversation and was joined by Marci Blue, Director of Research and Data Initiatives at the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), which the local organization has partnered with to help facilitate the assessment.  The Equity & Inclusion Organization Assessment is a major part of the Partnership’s first phase of action for One Houston Together, its commitment to leverage the power of the business community to address racial inequities. The initial priorities of One Houston Together are to accelerate growth of underrepresented businesses and increase racial equity in both the corporate talent pipeline and executive leadership.  Based on the Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks, the assessment offers businesses and organizations a chance to evaluate their performance on 175 indicators across 15 different categories—from reactive to best practice. The assessment is open to all organizations with five or more employees in the 12-county Houston region. It closes July 31.  In addition to each organization receiving its individual scores, the metrics will then be rolled up to create a regional index and collective look at where the region stands on equity and inclusion. This index will serve as a baseline to measure progress in future annual assessments.  Flix said the assessment will help companies and organizations measure progress; establish a shared language to talk about diversity, equity and inclusion; and visualize and demonstrate best practices—all needs the Partnership heard from the business community following the creation of One Houston Together. “In Houston, our racial equity pledge and commitment is not prescriptive,” Flix said. “Success depends on each of us taking action, and the first step is this assessment.”  To assist with the development and deployment of the assessment, the Partnership worked with the GCP, which has engaged in DEI work for more than 20 years. Blue with the GCP walked event participants through the assessment virtually and answered questions about the tool. She also made suggestions on how organizations should approach the assessment:  Identify a point person, perhaps a DEI lead Chief Human Resources officer or someone similar.  Share the access link across the organization to allow for the right person to weigh in on key elements   Download the assessment questions PDF to help answer the questions and then submit those answers electronically.   To receive your organization’s URL and unique password, please fill out the form on this page. You will also find links to frequently asked questions and a PDF of the assessment questions. View the complete launch presentation by clicking on the video above and see the presentation slides here.   
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Living In Houston

Six Bars Transforming Houston's Nightlife

As a city that’s home to a diverse array of nightlife, Houston offers residents and visitors a wide variety of options to explore. Those who prefer handcrafted cocktails, wine or beer have a lot of exciting options to choose from. Some of these bars offer a little more than a crafty drink. From a bar featuring whimsical designs in the modish Midtown neighborhood to a brewery with expansive outdoor space in vibrant EaDo, Houston venues are providing truly unique experiences.  We highlighted six bars that are transforming Houston’s nightlife.  Click to expand Photo courtesy of 8th Wonder Brewery's Facebook page 8th Wonder Brewery & Distillery Located just a few blocks away from BBVA Stadium., 8th Wonder is an H-Town gem. Co-founded by Ryan Soroka and Aaron Corsi in 2013, the brewery has since developed a reputation of Houston-love, drinks, diversity and fun. With an elaborate calendar of events and special dates, the brewery hosts people of all backgrounds, offering a variety of drinks at their expansive venue. The brewery was named in honor of the once-dubbed “8th Wonder of the World,” the Astrodome. “We love to pay tribute to the city," said Soroka. "Houston is home." Click to expand Photo courtesy of Cidercade Houston's Facebook page Cidercade Houston Since the cashless bar’s arrival to Houston’s Second Ward in January of 2021, it’s become a hotspot for young adults and families seeking a fun daytime experience. The Dallas-based bar offers over 275 arcade games and 48 taps to pick from. Whether you wish to try their popular ciders, revisit a childhood game or explore a new hobby, Cidercade Houston is an ideal choice for a summer night out. “We break the monotony of the bar and club scene,” Hunter Eichberger, director of marketing, told the Partnership. “We’re the perfect spot to gather and have a fun, safe, memorable night out with friends or family.” Click to expand Photo courtesy of Wonder Bar's Facebook page Wonder Bar Visitors of this Midtown bar can find a statue of David, a patriotic ball pit, an astronaut and a ‘secret’ door behind a painting of the Mona Lisa holding the so-called "Baby Yoda" at Wonder Bar, an aesthetically whimsical experience. The venue combines a classic drinks-and-music setting with unusual exhibits that incite curiosity and wonderment. One of the bar’s latest offerings is serving drinks in ice-sculptured cups, making this an ideal place to stop by in hot Houston summers. Click to expand Photo courtesy of La Grange Houston's Facebook page La Grange Houston Located where Houston’s famous gay bar, EJ’s, once stood in Montrose, La Grange boasts an appealing atmosphere for any crowd. While respecting the history of the 100-year-old building, the bar has added a patio that offers a two-story space for events, live music, DJ, as well as a secondary outdoor bar. The cantina offers tequila and mezcal specialties that keeps visitors coming back. “This is what hospitality is about,” La Grange Manager Chris Cusack told the Partnership. "It is an easy place to be…not just for one crowd.”  Click to expand Photo courtesy of White Rhino's Facebook page White Rhino “Our building is like a forest." That's how co-owner Bobby de la Rosa describes the atmosphere of White Rhino, alluding to the building’s hi-tech European paint that purifies the air. Named in recognition of the animal by the same name that’s classified as "near threatened," this environmentally-friendly bar recycles its glass bottles with pulverizing in-house machinery to turn into sand to spread over their patio. The East End green bar offers plenty of drink options as a neighborhood bar for young professionals.  Click to expand Photo courtesy of Lei Low's Facebook page Lei Low The rum and tiki bar located in the Houston Heights neighborhood introduced its ‘tiki-activities’ in February 2014. The cocktails and Hawaiian tunes ensure customers are immersed in a truly unique atmosphere. “There's a specific palate in Houston when it comes to cocktails and we wanted to adapt our offerings to a Southeast Texas taste,” co-owner Russell Theode told Eater Houston.  While the local nightlife options continue increasing, some locations establish a steppingstone to what places can achieve and convey as a spot to drink and socialize.  Learn more about our restaurant and nightlife here.   
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