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Cost of Living Comparison

Houston offers a low cost of living while maintaining a high quality of life with the amenities expected in a world-class city.
Published on 9/14/21
Cost of Living Comparisons

*Riverside, California is among the 20 most populous MSAs, but did not submit COLI data.
Source: Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), Cost of Living Index, Q2/21 Average (Data based on a survey of 269 urban areas, published August 2021)


Houston has the second lowest living costs among the 20 most populous metro areas, according to the C2ER Cost of Living Index for ’20. Houston’s living costs are 6.2 percent below the nationwide average and 26.9 percent below the average of the nation’s 20 most populous metropolitan areas.

Only the St. Louis metro area is considered more affordable than Houston among the 20 most populous metro areas, although the Houston metro’s population of 7.1 million is more than double the population of St. Louis with 2.8 million. 


Living in Houston

Houston is the 2nd most affordable among the nation's 20 biggest metros

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