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Foreign-Born Population Data

Nearly one in four Houstonians was born outside the U.S.
Published on 10/12/22

  • Nearly one in four Houstonians are foreign-born, (24.1 percent). According to the 2021 American Community Survey, approximately 1.7 million Houstonians are foreign-born, out of a total population of 7.2 million in the Houston MSA.

  • Residents born in Latin America account for the largest percentage of Houston MSA’s foreign-born population at 61.2 percent. Asia is the second largest group of foreign-born residents, accounting for 25.9 percent of Houston MSA’s foreign-born population, followed by Africa (6.8 percent), Europe (4.9 percent), North America (0.9 percent), and Oceania (0.2 percent).

1.7 million

Approximately 1.7 million Houstonians are foreign born

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