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Monthly Update: Aviation

April '20
Published on 6/15/20
Monthly Update: Aviation

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The Houston Airport System (HAS) handled 242,600 thousand passengers in April '20, a 95.0 percent drop from the 4.9 million passengers handled during April '19. The plummet in passenger traffic was due to the shutdown of the U.S. economy at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions U.S. and foreign governments placed on international travel, and passengers concerns over contracting the virus from other passengers and airline personnel inside the plane. 


HAS handled 52.7 million passengers in the 12 months ending April '20. That's an 11.0 percent decrease from the 59.2 million handled in the 12 months ending April '19. 

  • The 12-month international passenger volume totaled 10.6 million, down 10.9 percent from 11.9 million in the preceding 12 months. 
  • Domestic volume totaled 42.1 million, an 11.2 percent decrease from 47.4 million

The 12-month totals will likely continue to decline as both business and leisure travels remain reluctant to resume air travel. Boeing CEO David Calhoun recently stated the airline industry may not recover for another three to five years. 




Prepared by Greater Houston Partnership Research

Heather Duran
Manager, Research

Patrick Jankowski, CERP
Senior Vice President, Research

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HAS handled 242,600 thousand passengers in April ’20.

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