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California Leads Houston HQ Relocations and Other 2020-2021 Highlights

Published Jul 28, 2021 by Maggie Martin

Downtown Houston bridge

Houston is a proud top global market for headquarters, driven by its low costs of doing business, global interconnectivity and a diverse, top-tier talent pool. The latest Fortune 500 rankings are a testament to Houston's success as a headquarters capital, with 24 of those companies headquartered in Houston.

Companies of every size, location and industry recognize the nation's fourth largest city as a top headquarters city. 

The Partnership took a closer look at companies who've chosen Houston as a headquarters location in the past year, examining their sectors, origins and the type of relocation.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

More Than A Dozen Companies Have Relocated Their HQ to Houston 

Thirteen companies have relocated their headquarters to Houston since last summer, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NRG EnergyAxiom Space and Roboze.

Another two companies set up their regional headquarters in Houston in the past year (Carbon Neutral Energy and GCP Paper USA), and one has set up their second headquarters in the Bayou City (Avetta).

California Top State for Houston Relocations

Four companies - Maddox Defense, Sun Haven, Axiom Space, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise - relocated their headquarters from California to Houston in the past year. 

Roboze moved their HQ the furthest - about 5,900 miles from Bari, Italy. 

Manufacturing Leads Industry Relocation

Manufacturing boasts the greatest number of relocations with four companies (Tailift Material Handling USA, Roboze, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. and Sun Haven).

Oil & gas (Ring Energy Inc. and Contango Oil & Gas), life sciences manufacturing (Dominion Aesthetics Technologies Inc. and Maddox Defense) and digital technology (Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Avetta) followed closely behind. 

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