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Houston Ranks Among Top 10 Startup Metros

Published Mar 04, 2021 by Melissa Fox

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The Ion will be a hub for innovation in Midtown

The Ion will be a hub for innovation in Midtown

The fastest growing and most diverse city in the nation is also one of the top places for startup activity. 

A recent ranking from Roofstock, an online real estate investment platform, ranks Houston as the number 10 region with the most startup business activity. 

Roofstock’s ranking system is based on analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That data shows the Houston region has 9,214 startup formations annually, giving the area a startup formation rate of 9.48%. A startup formation rate refers to the number of new businesses in a year divided by the total number of businesses.  

Roofstock also found that Houston’s startup businesses create 55,475 jobs annually and 14.44% of all new jobs in the region come from startups. 

Houston’s start-up-friendly environment can be partially attributed to its low cost of living. Houston’s housing costs are 51.2% below the average of the 20 most populous metros and 11.5% below the average for all U.S. metros. Houston also in the top 10 metros for the number of adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher. 

“It's a great city and one that I am proud to call home. The city is growing as a technology leader, drawing in new and diverse talent. The cost of living is lower and the city has a lot to offer culturally,” Eric Elman, CEO and co-founder of Onit, Inc., a Houston-based software company recently told the Partnership. 

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