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Small Biz Insider: Creativity, Connection Drives 7 Million Virtual Visitors to Museum

Published Mar 24, 2021 by Maggie Martin

It's been a year since the pandemic prompted many Houston businesses to close their doors. That includes Children's Museum Houston. After temporarily closing its physical location last March, the museum quickly pivoted to virtual programming through its All-Time Access platform, which features virtual workshops, 3D field trips and more. To date, the museum has accrued over seven million virtual visits and produced over 800 programs. 

On this episode of Small Biz Insider, we talk with CMH Executive Director Tammie Kahn.

Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • How the museum was able to change its operations so quickly
  • How museum educators and content creators have kept the human interaction intact in a virtual environment
  • How CMH allocated its resources almost exclusively to virtual learning
  • How CMH continues to build on brand of serving the needs of the Houston community

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