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Small Biz Insider: Entrepreneur Sets Out to Create Solution She Wanted for Herself, Other Working Moms

Published Oct 14, 2020 by Maggie Martin

Work and Mother
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Returning to work after having a baby can be pretty stressful. There's a lot to consider. And for new moms who are breastfeeding, part of coming back to work is having a space to safely and privately pump at the office. 

Houston-based Work and Mother hopes to make that easier. It's a small business that offers private, dedicated spaces in office buildings for breastfeeding moms. 

On this episode, we talk with Abbey Donnell, founder and CEO of Work and Mother. 

Key topics include:

  • Essential components of a space in the workplace dedicated to breastfeeding moms
  • Why it’s important for companies to provide such spaces for their employees 
  • Recruiting and retaining top female talent
  • How COVID-19 has impacted working mothers and is affecting their return-to-work plans

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