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Small Biz Insider: Roboze CEO on Future of 3D Printing

Published May 25, 2021 by Maggie Martin

Small Biz Insider

Alessio Lorusso is founder and CEO of Roboze, a global 3D printing company. Photo courtesy of Roboze.

Roboze is a global 3D printing company focused on the manufacturing sector. Their technology can be found across several key industries, including aerospace and energy.

Founded in Italy, the company recently announced its new U.S. headquarters in Houston. Plans over the next 24 months include hiring more than a hundred employees and reshoring domestic production.

In this episode of the Small Biz Insider podcast, we talk with Roboze Founder and CEO Alessio Lorusso about the capabilities of additive manufacturing and how it's being integrated into the global marketplace. Highlights from this episode are below.

On how additive manufacturing technology is changing customized production
Lorusso said 3D printing is opening up new possibilities in customized production because additive manufacturing is more efficient and affordable. But he added 3D printing will be integrated with existing technologies, such as injection molding, instead of replacing them. 

On how Roboze creates a circular economy 
Lorusso said since the materials his company produces can be recycled many times, it enables their customers to send back old parts that Roboze then can use to manufacture and deploy new parts. 

On advice for entrepreneurs who want to scale their product or idea
Lorusso stressed that at the end of the day, customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of any business. 

“We are here because of our customers and we will be here tomorrow because we are going to serve in the best way our customers in the future,” he said. “So customers are the most important thing. If you don’t focus on your customers, you are going to die.”

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