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Station Houston CEO Tapped to Lead The Ion

Published Oct 14, 2019 by Maggie Martin

Gaby Rowe, CEO of Station Houston, will head up The Ion

The Houston Business Journal reports Gaby Rowe, CEO of Station Houston, will serve as executive director of The Ion. Rowe's new appointment is effective immediately. 

According to the Business Journal, Rowe will oversee the programming and operations of The Ion, while Station Houston's chief of staff, Stewart Cory, will oversee daily operations at the startup incubator as it look for Rowe's replacement. While Station Houston was previously in charge of developing The Ion's programming, HBJ reports "Station Houston will be reorganized as a programming component of the innovation hub."

"The Ion really is a home for everyone who cares about and wants to engage in driving forward the innovation economy in Houston," Rowe said in an interview with the HBJ.

Announced earlier this year, The Ion is a a 270,000-square-foot facility designed to bring together entrepreneurs, corporations and academic institutions to collaborate under one roof. The Ion will sits at the midpoint of the Innovation Corridor, a roughly 4-mile stretch that runs through the heart of the city from Downtown south to the Texas Medical Center. The corridor is a key component in the ongoing expansion of Houston's innovation ecosystem, and is part of a greater momentum to accelerate our progress as a great global city. 

Learn more about innovation in Houston here.




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