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Snapshot of Demographics, Cost of Living Highlighted in Houston Facts '19

The Greater Houston Partnership has released Houston Facts 2019, an annual publication that takes a deep dive on data around our region, from population and demographics to cost of living and the…

City of Houston Population Climbs to 2.33 Million

Houston firmly retains its spot as the fourth largest city in the nation with 2.3 million residents, according to population estimates released May 23 by the U.S. Census Bureau. The City of Houston…

Houston Population Expected to Exceed 7.1 Million by 2020

Metro Houston added nearly 92,000 residents last year, boosting the region’s population to nearly 7.0 million. Since 2010, the Houston area has added nearly 1.1 million residents. Houston’s…
Economic Development

Houston No. 1 Among Millennials New Study Finds

Houston is the nation's best city for millennials, according to a new study by a Colorado strategy firm. The study, “The US Cities Scorecard for Millennials” by The Langston Co., looks at how cities…

Houston Still Most Diverse City in the Nation, Report Finds

A new report finds Houston remains the most diverse city in the nation.  Several studies in recent years have shown the Bayou City at the top of the list for ethnic and racial diversity. The city has…
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