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Economic Update: Employment, COVID and a Look Back at the Last Decade

Houston has overcome significant hurdles from the COVID-induced recession, but difficulties still lie ahead. During this week's Economy Series webinar, Patrick Jankowski, the Partnership’s Senior…

Bayou Business Download: A Look at the Houston Employment Picture at the Midyear Point

In this episode of Bayou Business Download we talk about the employment picture here in Houston as the economic recovery continues. We’ll look at the jobs added and in which sectors, while also…

Bayou Business Download: The Future of Energy in Houston

In this episode of Bayou Business Download we talk about the global energy transition to a low-carbon future. How can Houston as the longtime energy capital of the world lead the transition and what…

The Apprenticeship: An Underutilized Tool for Employers in an Uncertain World

Following the adage ‘measure twice and cut once’ helps avoid the need to rework a project. In many cases, employers outsource their skills training to the education sector and hope for skilled talent…
Economic Development

Texas Sets Stage for Education, Economic Success

State lawmakers have handed business and industry leaders a future-focused win. By aligning the work of the state’s three major education and workforce bodies, Texas and Texans are now set up for…

Bayou Business Download: How are Houston Companies Returning to the Office?

In this episode we’re going to talk about a recent survey the Partnership conducted that sheds light on how Houston area companies are approaching workplace issues. As the pandemic wanes, how quickly…
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