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Economic Development

Education & Workforce Council: Supporting an Inclusive Energy Workforce Recovery 

Eighteen months ago, record job losses were recorded across the Houston region. Nationally, unemployment due to the effects of COVID-19 in 2020 disproportionately affected communities of color, women…
Economic Development

Understanding Houston's Jobseekers to Aid Recovery

Jobseekers across greater Houston are fresh faces, hard workers, resilient, and survivors. They are tenacious, they are hopeful, and they want to develop the skills to get good jobs.  Despite the…
Economic Development

JPMorgan Chase Returns to Iconic Downtown Skyscraper and Relocates Tech Hub

JPMorgan Chase has just completed its move back into its namesake building at 600 Travis Street. More than 1,700 of the major investment bank's employees are occupying 12 floors in the 75-story…
Economic Development

Regions and Neighborhoods: Fortifying a Resilient Economy with Trade, Tourism and Tech in Galveston

Ranked as one of the best places for young professionals to live in 2020, Galveston is home to a major academic health sciences center and is a significant trade hub for the region. Located just 50…
Economic Development

Houston’s 90th-Minute Play to Host 2026 World Cup

The world’s most popular sporting event is coming to North America in 2026, and Houston’s on a mission to be one of the cities to host it. With viewership for the last FIFA World Cup of more than 3.5…
Digital Technology

innovateHOU: Trends in Houston’s Innovation Economy

The Houston region has quickly become one of the most prominent emerging tech hubs in the country.  Over the past few years, entrepreneurs, investors, academic institutions, local government, and the…