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Growth of Wind Energy Hot Topic at Conference in Houston

As the Energy Capital of the World, it is only fitting that the wind industry’s largest annual gathering takes place in Houston. As renewable energy companies scale their work, Houston is uniquely…
Economic Development

Mayor Turner Talks Resiliency, Parks and Innovation at '19 State of the City

Mayor Turner and Scott McClellandMayor Sylvester Turner reviewed Houston’s progress over the last year in areas such as innovation and resiliency and laid out additional priorities during the…
International Business

5 Reasons to Attend Houston’s Global Economy

Houston’s economy has become increasingly tied to global forces in recent decades. From trade to foreign investment, the local region is now a center of international activity—one that’s expected to…
Quality of Life

METRO’s Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Begins this Summer

Buckle up, Space City, because more driver-less vehicles will hit the Houston streets this summer. METRO, in partnership with Texas Southern University (TSU), will begin Phase 1 of their first…
Workforce Development

Houston a Top Market for STEM Talent

  Houston has long been known as a business-friendly, growth-driven market that offers a low cost of doing business and cost of living. Since 2010, Houston is among America’s fastest-growing…

Houston No. 1 Among Millennials New Study Finds

Houston is the nation’s best city for millennials, according to a new study by a Colorado strategy firm. The study, “The US Cities Scorecard for Millennials” by The Langston Co., looks at how cities…
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