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Workforce Development

Small Biz Insider: 5 Takeaways from Jeff Miller, CEO of Potentia

Small Biz Insider is a podcast as part of a digital series from the Greater Houston Partnership, where we highlight the innovative business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders of the greater…
Workforce Development

Houston a Top Market for STEM Talent

  Houston has long been known as a business-friendly, growth-driven market that offers a low cost of doing business and cost of living. Since 2010, Houston is among America’s fastest-growing…
Workforce Development

Hiring for Heart, Hunger and Humility: Employer Partners Share Truths About Human Skills and Hiring Decisions

A person with the right attitude can go far in life. Having heart, ambition, persistence humility, and the ability to build relationships can be the difference between career advancement and…
Workforce Development

Employment Leaders: ‘Untapped’ Talent is Good for Business

Greater Houston’s workforce is diverse and highly-skilled, but employment leaders say companies can do more to connect with what they call “untapped talent.” These include veterans, people with…
Workforce Development

Honing Houston's Quality of Life a Focus for Advisory Committee

The Houston Botanical Gardens is now under constructionSomewhere between the triumph of Super Bowl LI, the harrowing aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and the surge in the region’s innovation scene,…
Workforce Development

Millennials a Growing Segment of Houston's Giant Workforce

The head of Schlumberger, one of the world’s largest oil service giants, recently noted millennials make up 55% of the company’s global workforce. Speaking at an energy conference in New Orleans last…
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