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Aerospace & Aviation

Space Center Houston Unveils Ambitious Master Plan Amid Space Industry Expansion

Space Center Houston, the interactive museum and attraction that has helped tell the story of U.S. manned spaceflight for three decades, is dramatically expanding its footprint with a new master plan…
Aerospace & Aviation

Space Event Explores How Houston is Advancing the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace industry leaders shared why Houston is the current and future leader of human space exploration during the Partnership’s annual State of Space event on October 11.  “At some point in the…
Aerospace & Aviation

Green Infrastructure, Flying Taxis Highlighted as Key Investments in Houston Airports' Future

Investing in infrastructure and advanced technology at Houston’s airports will be critical in keeping up with Houston’s rapid growth. That was the message Houston Airports Director Mario Diaz shared…
Aerospace & Aviation

Artemis 1 Mission Underscores Houston's Emerging Aerospace Industry

Anticipation surrounding NASA’s Artemis 1 launch is building after the initial attempt was scrubbed earlier this week. While all eyes will be on Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, the launch wouldn’t…
Aerospace & Aviation

Rice, NASA to Celebrate 60th Anniversary of 'Moon Speech'

Houston will celebrate a milestone anniversary next month with a cosmic series of public events.  Monday, September 12 marks the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s landmark “We Choose to…
Aerospace & Aviation

New Collaboration Aims to Bolster Region's Aerospace Innovation Ecosystem

The Ion is taking a giant leap in innovation by partnering with NASA’s Johnson Space Center to launch a “technology transfer center” at the Ion to bolster the Houston-Galveston region’s aerospace…