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National Chamber Day: Partnership's Impact

Since 1840, the Greater Houston Partnership has strived to make the Houston region the best place to live, work and build a business. Through the dedicated efforts of our 900 member companies in the…
Living In Houston

Houston is the Leading Destination for California Residents Headed to Texas

More former California residents are ending up in Harris County than any other part of Texas, according to a new report.  Harris County saw 8,408 new arrivals from California in 2019, an analysis of…

Public, Higher Education Leaders Share Insights on Preparing Students for an Ever-Evolving Future

A strong education system is key to building opportunity for all Houstonians. It contributes to the long-term success of our young people, increases equity and is intrinsically tied to Houston’s…

Bayou Business Download: What Higher Oil Prices Mean for Houston

In this episode of Bayou Business Download, we discuss the impact of changing energy prices on the Houston economy. How does more money per barrel of oil translate across other sectors and what's the…
Economic Development

Soft Office Market Spells Opportunity for Current Houston Companies, Prospects

Pandemic induced weakness in Houston’s office market is creating significant opportunities for tenants seeking higher quality space and concessions. The shifting dynamics are also making the Houston…
Health Care

Small Biz Insider: Health Tech Startup Strives to Ease Access to Some of the Hardest Conversations

Conversations and decisions regarding advance care, especially end-of-life care, can be challenging. A Houston health technology firm wants to make that a little easier. Koda Health's advanced care-…