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Board of Directors

Pat Mann Phillips

Pat Mann Phillips

Chairman of the Board, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Pat Mann Phillips
Pat Mann Phillips, a seasoned native Texas executive with a rich background rooted in agriculture, energy, and land, brings over three decades of extensive experience to her role as a board director. Her career spans sectors of energy and land development, where she has made significant contributions in oil and gas exploration, production, energy marketing, and trading.
Pat has successfully bridged the gap between workforce, management, and government throughout her career. From hands-on operational roles to a sought-after consultant and negotiator, she leverages her expertise in companies navigating the complex and ever-changing landscapes and interplay between agriculture, energy, and land development.
Pat is an influential figure on the executive boards of both professional and charitable organizations. Her recent appointment as the Chairman of the Board of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a testament to her commitment and influence. The Rodeo, renowned as one of the nation's largest providers of educational scholarships, has awarded more than $600 million to date benefiting the youth of Texas. The Rodeo’s focus on agriculture and Texas youth reflects Pat's dedication to fostering education and opportunity.
Her core values reflect the positive power of free enterprise, agriculture, education, and western heritage. Her journey from a Texas ranch to the boardroom is a narrative of dedication, strategic foresight, and an unwavering commitment to positive impact in service to others.
Pat is a proud Texas Tech Red Raider, having earned BBAs in Finance and Petroleum Land Management. She is married to fellow Rodeo volunteer leader, Tim Phillips. Pat supports and has served in various roles for numerous organizations, including the Norman Borlaug Institute, Amigas Para Ninos, and Texas Women’s Venture Fund.  

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