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Higher Education Committee

Becoming a leader in the digital economy requires significant improvements to our higher education systems. Houston's higher education ecosystem has grown tremendously over the past twenty years, but it remains under-degreed and under-funded. In order to advance the region's talent pipeline and strengthen its workforce, the Higher Education Advisory Committee seeks to identify solutions for increasing the quantity and improving the quality of Baccalaureate degrees awarded by Houston region institutions to ensure the Houston region’s competitiveness to other major metro areas.

The Partnership's Priorities for the Higher Education Committee

  • Analyzing Houston’s higher education ecosystem in comparison to other major metro areas

  • Identifying solutions to grow regional institutions

  • Increasing quantity and quality of undergraduate degrees awarded by regional institutions

  • Improving the quality and reputation of Houston's institutions

Committee Highlights

UH Med School Secures Startup Funding from Legislature

In the final days of the Texas Legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill that will provide startup money for a new medical school at the University of Houston and fund improvements to the college campus.

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86th Legislative Session Summary

The 86th Texas Legislative Session was a success for the Partnership, the Houston business community and the broader Greater Houston region.

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New Innovation-Focused Programs Emerge at Univ. of Houston

As Houston continues growing as an innovation hub, higher education institutions, including the University of Houston, are implementing new ways to connect and foster students in that sector.

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Key Points from the 2019 Policy Summit

2019 Policy Summit celebrates committee accomplishments and engages members around Houston Next strategy.

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Aiding business leaders in analyzing Houston's higher education ecosystem

An Overview of Higher Education in Greater Houston

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