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Through the dedicated efforts of our members, the Partnership addresses Houston’s unique challenges, and champions the growth of businesses throughout the region. The Partnership seeks members that share this commitment to Houston’s long-term success and are interested in working together to benefit their own company and the larger business community. 

Drive Change in Houston

Make an Impact

Members' expertise, commitment and hard work help us move the needle in ways that make a significant impact on the region.

Grow Your Network

Expand relationships, gain career-enhancing knowledge and develop your business with others who share common goals.

Gain Valuable Insights

Access data and expert analysis on the economy, demographics and business trends.

Offer Expertise to Make Positive Change

As the place where community-minded business leaders gather to influence the direction of Houston, the Partnership addresses the region's unique challenges, and champions the area's growth and success.

Public Policy

The Partnership is the primary business advocate for the Houston region. The Public Policy Division works hand-in-hand with the Partnership policy committee members, board members, elected officials and outside organizations as a regional facilitator for issues affecting the business community.

Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee

As the largest economic development organization in the region, the Partnership is tasked with marketing the Houston area to relocating and expanding companies. The Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee is the primary business leadership committee that provides oversight, guidance and assistance for the Partnership's regional economic development initiatives. There are a number of targeted Committees under this Advisory Committee. 

International Investment and Trade Advisory Committee

The International Investment and Trade Advisory Committee (IIT) is the primary business leadership committee that provides oversight, guidance and assistance for the Partnership’s international investment and trade initiatives. There are a number of targeted Committees under this Advisory Committee. 

Network and Gain Career-Enhancing Knowledge

Business Resource Groups offer employees opportunities to expand personal and professional relationships, gain career-enhancing knowledge and develop your business with others who share common goals, interests, issues markets or industry sectors.

Build your business in foreign markets by learning valuable information on how to reach global customers, including possibilities for your next export market.

EWP provides executive women at member companies an opportunity to address business issues and interests, learn from each other, and exchange ideas and information on important issues facing the business community. Offered to qualified senior female executives from member companies with $100M-plus revenue.

An opportunity to network with government affairs professionals and hear from elected officials shaping policy at federal, state and local levels.

Offering professional development for the next generation of business and community leaders.

Highlighting Houston’s business and thought leaders challenging the way we think about the future.

Advancing the 12-county greater Houston region through strategic, custom engagement opportunities for members.

Equipping HR practitioners, talent professionals and ERG leaders with current best practices to attract, develop and retain talent.

A professional development network for emerging female leaders and their and allies

Get Involved in Forums

Forums, formerly known as Councils, feature in-depth discussions centered around pillars of the Partnership’s strategic plan, Houston Next, where industries and initiatives that are moving Houston forward as a great global city are explored. Forums are a

Strong, Diverse Economy

These Forums highlight several of the top industries driving growth and innovation in Houston and the Partnership’s work attracting top global companies to Houston, creating jobs and growing the region’s GDP. Forum topics include: 

  • Aerospace and Aviation – Houston is a city that takes on humankind’s boldest challenges head-on — both here on earth and far beyond. With over 500 space, aviation and aerospace-related firms and institutions, Houston has been a pioneering hub in this sector for more than 50 years.
  • Energy and Sustainability – Houston, the Energy Capital of the World, is leveraging its energy leadership to accelerate global solutions for an energy-abundant, low-carbon future.
  • Life Sciences and Biotechnology –- Finding solutions to the problems that matter most is baked into Houston’s DNA. As the Third Coast for Life Sciences, the region’s world-class medical centers, research institutes and private companies are taking on the greatest medical challenges of our generation.
  • Manufacturing, Trade and Logistics – Houston has the skilled workforce, expertise and logistics capabilities needed to manufacture, transport and distribute goods to customers across the country and around the world – positioning it as the ideal location for businesses to connect across the globe.
Opportunity for All

These Forums explore the education and workforce development systems creating opportunity for every Houstonian to improve their own lives and that of their families. Topics include: 

  • Public Education – Advocating for success across more than 60 public school systems ensures all students throughout the greater Houston region have access to the foundational education needed to build strong futures. 
  • Higher Education – The region’s higher education institutions are building a pipeline of graduates that aligns with the needs of Houston’s businesses by providing ongoing educational opportunities for our workforce to advance throughout their careers. 
  • Workforce Development – Greater Houston and its employers need the finest skilled workforce in the world to be a great global city in the 21st century. Training programs and workforce development opportunities strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers that employers need and create better pathways to opportunity and prosperity.
Quality of Life

These Forums advance conversations about some of the areas in which the Partnership is working to strengthen life in Houston to make our city the best place to live, work and play. Topics include:

  • Culture and Tourism – Houston’s dynamic arts scene, diverse professional sporting events and dominant food scene are only a few of the incredible offerings that entice Houstonians and tourists to enjoy the Bayou City. 
  • Flood Mitigation – Fortifying Houston’s infrastructure to ensure resiliency and recovery after flooding events is pivotal to improving Houstonian’s quality of life. 
  • Transportation and Infrastructure – Facilitating economic growth across the 12-county region and improving quality of life requires innovative, multi-modal mobility plans that allow Houstonians equitable access to navigate all our great city has to offer.

Discuss Houston's Trending Regional Topics

The Partnership is the leading voice in Houston's business region, a place where community-minded can involved in Houston's positive growth and influence the direction in which Houston is going.

Houston Data, Insight & Analysis

The Partnership's Research department offers in-depth data and analysis on a wide variety of regional economic indicators from employment and home sales to new construction and international trade. 

Member Resources

Our members get access to a spectrum of resources designed to help them grow their business. A few of these include:

  • Houston Facts
  • Here is Houston: Relocation Guide
  • Houston Economic Development Guide
  • Resources for Small Businesses

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