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Manufacturing Overview

Nearly one in three Texas manufacturers calls Houston home.
Published on 4/19/21
Houston Manufacturing Overview

In ’19, manufacturing accounted for $86.0 billion, or 16.8 percent, of the Houston MSA’s gross domestic product, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. 

Manufacturing employment in the Houston MSA averaged 223,707 in ’20 with an average wage of $88,575. Fabricated metals product manufacturing accounted for 22.2 percent of total manufacturing employment; machinery manufacturing, 20.1 percent; and chemical manufacturing, 17.8 percent.

Between ’15 and ’20, manufacturing employment in the Houston region declined by 8.6 percent from 244,805 workers to 223,707. 


Patrick Jankowski, CERP
Senior Vice President, Research

Heath Duran
Manager, Research

1 in 3

Nearly 1 in 3 manufacturers in Texas call Houston home

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