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Top Trading Partners

Annual trade between Houston and 221 countries valued nearly $196.9 billion in ’20.
Published on 11/1/21
Top Trading Partners '20

•    The Houston-Galveston Customs District recorded trade valued at $196.9 billion for ’20, down 16.5 percent from $235.8 billion in ’19. Houston’s top 20 trade partners were responsible for 72.3 percent, or $142.3 billion, of the region’s foreign trade in ’20. 
•    China is Houston’s largest trading partner, accounting for 9.8 percent of Houston’s total trade in ’20.
•    In ’20, Houston was the largest U.S. customs district based on vessel weight, ahead of New Orleans and Los Angeles, and the second largest based on vessel value, behind Los Angeles.

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$234.0 billion

Houston's total trade valued $196.9 billion in '20


Houston traded with 221 countries in '20

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