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Bayou Business Download: The Dual Debacle Facing Houston

Published Apr 21, 2020 by A.J. Mistretta

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In this episode of Bayou Business Download, we get an update on the impact of COVID-19 on our region and examine the worsening fallout from the oil market. Partnership Senior Vice President of Research Patrick Jankowski gives us his latest analysis on jobs, industry sectors and what's in store for Houston. 

Key topics include: 

  • Current look at cases in Houston 
  • The latest data figures showing the effect of the virus on the region's March activity, from housing starts to productivity 
  • The impact of oil prices moving into negative territory 
  • An estimate on job losses based on current data and how much the total is likely to rise this summer 
  • A look at the different sectors of the commercial real estate industry and how each is likely to be affected in the short and long-term 

Read the latest Economy at a Glance report. Visit the Partnership's COVID-19 Resource page for updates, guidance for employers and more information. And sign up for daily email alerts from the Partnership as the situation develops. 

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