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Bayou Business Download: What Will a Biden Administration Mean for Houston?

In this episode of Bayou Business Download we consider what the administration of President-Elect Joe Biden might mean for Houston on a number of fronts, from foreign trade to the energy industry. We…

Preserving Progress on Public Education a Priority in '21 Legislative Session

For decades, the Texas Legislature attempted to solve the complex issues in Texas public school finance, and for decades the body failed in that attempt. The systems that the Legislature and Supreme…

Small Biz Insider: Finn Hall's Program Win-Win For Entrepreneurs, Health Care Workers

If you've been to Downtown Houston, you've probably stopped by Finn Hall for a coffee or lunch - or drinks and dinner. The food hall - located within the JPMorgan Chase & Company Building - is…

Sunnova's John Berger Says Solar Industry Has a Bright Future in Houston

As the Energy Capital of the World, Houston has the ability to lead the global energy transition to a more efficient and sustainable, lower-carbon future while simultaneously accommodating demand…

Work Safe 3.0: Principles to Operate Businesses in Houston Safely

As businesses operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that we do so safely, sustainability and successfully. The Greater Houston Partnership created these principles to aid companies as…

Likely Texas House Speaker Candidate Emerges

Now that the 2020 elections are behind us, the makeup of the Texas Legislature is coming into focus.  Despite some predictions of a possible Democrat majority in the Texas House, Republicans…
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