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UpSkill Houston

UpSkill Houston: A Regional Workforce Initiave

The Skills Gap

The Partnership’s UpSkill Houston initiative is the nation’s first business-led, community-wide, integrated workforce effort. The initiative seeks to close the skills gap in Houston by increasing the number of Houstonians trained for great careers across the region. The Partnership forecasts nearly 75,000 annual job openings in careers that require more than a high school education but less than a four-year college degree.

About UpSkill Houston

The UpSkill Houston initiative focuses on technical careers and occupations in the industry sectors that are the key drivers of Houston’s regional economy. In order to address Houston’s skills gap, the initiative has three key objectives:

Business Leaders: The Essential Partnership

UpSkill Houston works collectively with employer leadership to engage key institutions and partners that can help in developing a stronger talent pipeline for the Houston region. Business leaders play a critically essential role in the development and maintenance of the region's talent pipeline. Bridging the gap must be a collective response; there is no one employer that can solve this challenge alone. It is essential for business leaders to partner and collaborate in different and new ways with educational institutions and community-based organization in order to build the skilled workforce that Houston needs to ensure its prosperity in the 21st century.

Ultimately, the industry shares its workforce and in turn collectively shares the responsibility for developing the necessary talent to ensure competitiveness of individual businesses and the Houston region as a whole. As we address the skills gap for industry, we also ensure that residents of the Houston region share in its economic prosperity.

Get Involved

UpSkill Houston is creating the foundation and vehicle for organizations and businesses that are interested in addressing our region’s skills gap challenges to come together.

UpSkill Houston Sector Councils

Houston's business community, educational institutions and philanthropic entities have partnered in a way they never have before to ensure that they are making Houston greater.

UpSkill Houston uses a sector-based and a collective impact approach that focuses on seven of the region's priority industry sectors. The industry sectors provide a strategic focus for the stakeholders to come together and align their work around a common agenda of building the talent pipeline they need to ensure future success.

Learn more about UpSkill Houston and the current work being done in active sector councils here.

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Attracting the next generation of workers has proven to be a significant factor contributing to the workforce shortage. In addition to working with employer-led collaborations to increase accessibility to career training and technology, UpSkill Houston is launching its "What Are You Up For?" campaign that will seek to inspire next-generation workers to pursue UpSkill technical careers. The campaign will include a website and resource toolkit to help change perceptions and improve public awareness about UpSkill jobs and careers.

Leveraging this digital presence, UpSkill Houston will create a connection with potential employees through an aspirational narrative that represents these careers as impressive, meaningful and lucrative. Potential employees will be connected to tools that inform them about career pathways and the educational and job training programs that can jumpstart their careers.

Encourage your employees to spread the word about these great, high paying career opportunities. Learn more about this comprehensive web resource here.

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