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Small Biz Insider: How This Startup is Removing an “Undue Burden” From Medical Devices

Published Aug 17, 2021 by Maggie Martin

Small Biz Insider

Alex Condon is co-founder and COO of Galen Data

Small Biz Insider

Galen Data is a Houston-based software developer that enables health care providers to securely connect medical devices online

For medical device companies, connecting to the cloud can be costly, time consuming and challenging to maintain compliance to FDA, HIPAA and other medical standards. 

That's where Galen Data comes in. It's a Houston-based software startup that enables health care providers to securely connect medical devices online. 

Alex Condon is co-founder and COO of Galen. He's also Chief Strategy Officer at Tietronix Software, which specializes in software products for education, medical and aerospace. Tietronix has been a NASA software contractor for 22 years. 

Some of the topics discussed on this episode of Small Biz Insider include: 

  • What prompted Condon and his co-founders to launch Galen Data 5 years ago.
  • How medical device data is destined for the cloud, but slow to adopt.
  • Challenges of launching and maintaining Galen's software service.
  • Advice do you have for entrepreneurs who want to bring their innovative products to the health care market.

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